What is DualShock?

What is DualShock?

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PS4, a gaming device introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment has many unique features in it. This gaming gadget is yet to be released but it has gained a lot of popularity even now.

PS4 has a DualShock Feature. It is an inimitable feature; no other gaming device has such a feature. Even the previous generations of PlayStaion did not have this feature in them.

The DualShock 4 is a wireless controller. It has many matchless features which include a touch pad it gives the gamers an opportunity to play games more easily, lets them play in a wide range of ways. a share button by which you share with your friends your on facebook.

A light bar which changes color when the character of the game you are playing has a low life or has been hit really hard.

There is also an exciting feature, which is that it has enhanced vibrating ability. By this enhanced vibration it gives a more real touch to the player and increases the interest and attraction of the gamer to play more and more enthralling games.

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