Why Entrepreneurs Need “Cloud Computing”

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If you’re an entrepreneur these days, you probably possess a laptop, a bit of software, and possibly even a smartphone. So, are you using “the cloud” in a way that benefits you and your business?
Cloud computing

First, a little pictoral explanation.

This is what the “cloud” looks like. Think of it like an invisible group of computers sharing a virtual space. If you are one of those little computers, you can use the services in the cloud in the middle.

Here’s three reasons why your business benefits from cloud computing:

1. Your website is in the cloud.

You have a website for your business. You want people to visit it. So, you “host” it with a company like Bluehost. That means your website “lives” on a Bluehost computer (they call it a “server”).

So, when someone wants to visit your website, they get online, type in your web address and your website (which is on Bluehost’s computer) comes up. They have just accessed your website in “the cloud.”

2. Communicate easily with current & potential customers.

You use email, right? How about a Contact Record Management tool like BatchBook to help you keep track of your customers? Social media outlets like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Biznik are also in the cloud.

These tools make communication convenient and readily available, 24 hours a day. You can access any of these things with your desktop or your smartphone. Why? Because they are in “the cloud.”

3. A computer crash doesn’t have to kill your business.

Recently I advised a client to set up a Google Apps account and a virtual backup service. Guess what happened shortly after that? Yep, her computer had a big ol’ problem.  She was pretty thankful we did all that work before her crash.

Her email, calendar and contacts were still intact, and business could continue while she was getting her files restored.

So, does your business need a little “cloud computing?” Probably wouldn’t hurt!

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