Why Onsite Blogging Should Be Focused on Niche Topics

Why Onsite Blogging Should Be Focused on Niche Topics

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Onsite BloggingWhen it comes to onsite blogging, B2B marketers should stay away from general topics. Just about every business has a blog nowadays and it’s very easy to get lost in the mixture. If every business writes about the same general topics in their industry, they’ll all blend in together.

Blogging is the perfect opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their expertise. Instead of trying to be an expert in every topic, businesses should aim for their own niche. This allows them to post new research, surveys, and white papers that are relevant to their niche.

recent article in The Guardian explains why businesses should focus on niche topics rather than general ones. The article quotes entrepreneur ReeRee Rockette, who explains that trying to be an expert in every topic really just means that you’re not an expert in any topic:

“A blog gives you a platform to become an expert in a niche, and to become a go-to person for certain topics. Don’t feel you should be everything to everyone. If you stand for everything, you often end up standing for nothing.”

Think about blogs you like reading and ones you skip over. The ones you like reading are probably updated frequently, post fresh content, and don’t repeat the same thing over and over again.

It’s almost impossible to fall into this category when posting about general topics. There are so many blogs that have already presented that information. While these blogs might be adequate for SEO, they’re not very engaging for readers.

To stand out, businesses should select a niche topic and post relevant content. Conduct surveys and provide updated data that’s relevant to the industry. This will show readers that there’s substance in your blog and a reason to come back. This, of course, is very important for building your client base and attracting new clients.

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