Why Transparency is Essential for Content Creation

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3101290591_fc86d72ca9_zThere’s one element of content creation that can’t be skipped over, ignored, or substituted. You can post content often, use social media data and analytics, and interact with customers, but it won’t mean anything unless your content features this one quality.

We’re talking about transparency. If your social media followers don’t trust your content, it won’t be worth anything. And the only way to gain their trust is to convince them that you’re transparent in your marketing efforts. No transparency, no trust. It’s as simple as that.

recent article by Contently contains several predictions regarding online marketing. This is what the article says about transparency and how it will effect social media:

“Transparency will become a major buzzword as deceptive content strategies get brands in trouble. There are way too many lightly-branded sites out there that dubiously push a brands’ products, and those brands will start getting called out for it this year. On the flip side, brands that create great content and put their name on it will win consumers’ trust.”

Right now, there are two kinds of businesses that practice content marketing. The first business invests in content that they truly believe will offer value to readers. They post this content on social media to benefit their followers.

The other business frequently posts blogs and articles that contain rehashed information. They have no value, offer no benefit, and get cycled around every so often.

What the Contently article says is that the “other business” will soon get called out on for their practices. One reason for this is Google is constantly improving their algorithm to place a priority on quality content. It’ll find out the pretenders before long.

The other reason is that subscribers and followers will catch on that the content is worthless. You can’t trick followers, and pretty soon you won’t be able to trick Google, either.

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