Will Whitepapers Soon Lead All Other Categories in B2B Marketing?

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Business to BusinessB2B marketing is still a work in progress for the reasons that marketing to another business is a much different process than dealing with consumers. Businesses that buy from other businesses need to have concrete information about products they’re going to buy so they know its quality, the price, and how reliable the company providing them is. And dealing with another business is sometimes done in an overly formal way than truly nurturing a relationship.

While these aspects still evolve, new answers have piqued the interest of fellow businesses. New evidence shows a particular document seems to be helping businesses make better decisions on whether they really want to buy from a B2B business in the coming year.

The Growth of the Whitepaper

Most people have probably thought of the whitepaper as being an overly formal document nobody would use for marketing. Yet, it provides vital information about your products and analysis about competitiveness that you should share with the people you’re selling to. Previously only seen internally in companies, a whitepaper has become a new marketing tool to other businesses so the latter won’t have any hesitations about what they’re buying.

This bumps other sources of B2B marketing down from what we used to see. E-books, for instance, might not be used as often since they may look more promotional. The same goes for webinars, and even blog posts.

The fact is, businesses want case studies and concrete information since so many other B2B businesses are out there they could go to. You have to consider your competition and how they’re offering the very same things you are. By providing a business detailed information that doesn’t lead to any doubts or questions, you can help nurture a better relationship with them.

Combined with more personal relationships, you’re ensuring a brighter new year ahead with your business customers sticking with you based on transparency and trust.

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