You Need to Try Umeboshi: The Best New Vegan-Friendly Food I’ve Tried This Year.

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If you ever think you are getting to the age where nothing can surprise you, then I say you aren’t being adventurous enough! I might not have even lived half as long as my grandparents yet, but I know there will always be something new for me to try.

I’ve always loved pickles. When I was a child, my grandmother told me I could be anything I wanted to be. I declared that I would be a pickle because I loved them so much! That is why it is only natural that my single most favorite new discovery of the past year was Umeboshi.

An Umeboshi a day keeps the doctor away!

Umeboshi is a pickled Nanko plum. The origin of this food is Japan, where Umeboshi is served as an accompaniment to rice, green tea, sushi, and many other things.

There is also Umeboshi paste, which is great in sushi. As well as Umeboshi vinegar, which is actually just the brine from the pickles. Adding either of these to sauces makes them rich with sweet, floral, tart, and salty flavors.

This little pink pickle is highly regarded as a super food for it’s alkalizing properties. It was even given to samurai soldiers as a part of their rations because it is believed to be a preventative and cure for fatigue and nausea. Some people recommend trying it as a remedy for your New Year’s hangover!

What was the best new food you tried this year? Share with us in the comments below!

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