Top 10 Reasons Why League of Legends is Awesome

League of Legends is the largest multiplayer game in the world and has an enormous following in almost every country. The success of League of Legends can be attributed to the rise in the MOBA genre, which League of Legends has dominated alongside Dota 2 and more recently, Heroes of the Storm. The quality of […]

Top 10 Pokemon GO Beginner’s Tips

Pokemon GO is now available to everyone around the world, it’s only “officially” available to those in New Zealand or Australia but there are ways around that. Having used it for a short while, I can tell you it’s absolutely amazing and quite surreal. To get you started on your Poketrainer journey, you’ll need the […]

Top 10 Highest Base Stats in Pokemon GO (Gen 1)

Pokemon GO is now the most popular gaming app of all time. Millions of players are embarking on their own Pokemon journey. As the battles between the 3 teams unfold, each trainer is dedicated to catching and producing the strongest Pokemon they can find. For many, their strongest Pokemon are whichever they have evolved or […]

Darkeden Hell Garden Rewards Guide

Hell garden produces some rewards that players may not know what to do with, here’s a short guide to help you determine what to do with your rewards. If you turn in enough of the required items at the Hell Garden crystal, you will obtain these rewards. Image Floor Item name Amount Reward Item Option […]

Darkeden Relic Guide, Hints, Tips & Tricks

Darkeden Relic Guide, Hints, Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone I’d like to start off by saying I’m glad that you are playing Dark Eden.  It has a rather steep learning curve, but once you get past it, it’s an amazing game.  You really have to love a game to make a guide for it.  Okay, so to start off, I’d like to […]

Darkeden: How to Change the Resolution to HD (1920×1080)

Darkeden is a great game but it does not let you choose a HD resolution in the settings. You can get around this though, by following this guide: Browse to “steamappscommonDark Edendatainfo” Open “resolution.inf” Set the resolution X to 1920, resolution Y to 1080, then save it. IMPORTANT: Right click the “resolution.inf” file and click “Properties”. […]

How the Pokemon GO Model Has Changed Marketing Forever

How Pokemon Go Changed Marketing Forever

You’ve heard talk or you’ve seen the clumps of mobile-device-porting individuals running around town. You’ve also heard that Pokémon GO has made its creators big money and even made Nintendo’s company value worth $12 billion more than it was two weeks ago. Unless you’re running around trying to catch a rare, evolved Pokémon, you’re probably sick of […]

Top 10 Wishes for Pokemon GO (and How Many Have Come True)

Pokemon GO has only been released for a week and it’s already become the most popular mobile game of all time. Even in Europe, where it hasn’t been released, it’s extremely popular and you can see lots of people playing it. Despite its popularity, it has quite a few features missing and even more annoyances […]

Top 10 New Attackers in Pokémon GO Generation 2

The Pokemon GO battling scene has been changing quickly. Gengar and Alakazam recently took over as two of the best attackers in the game while Lapras with its buffed Combat Power (CP) tragically fell several places in the rankings. And that’s not to mention the introduction of over 80 new Pokémon with the release of […]

Top 10 Miscreated Tips

Miscreated is an open-world hardcore survival MMORPG that is set in a post-apocalyptic American scenario. It currently has “Mostly Positive” reviews on Steam and if not for the negative reviews from the game’s very early Alpha stages, it would definitely be ranked Positive overall. It was released in October of 2014 and has since grown […]