example of plastic storage container for keeping snakes

Is a Plastic Storage Container Ever Okay for Keeping...

The reptile-keeping hobby is not as well developed as keeping dogs or cats. We’re still learning a lot about keeping reptiles, what their husbandry needs truly are, and how to give them the best life in captivity possible. Reptiles can make truly rewarding pets, I should know as we have several, but they do come […]

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Top 9 Best Snakes for Beginner Snake Owners

Snakes are beautiful animals. Many snakes make great pets. They are easy to feed and water. A young snake only needs to eat every 7 to 10 days, and as they get older they can eat even more infrequently depending on the species and meal sizes. They need access to fresh water constantly, which is […]

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keeping reptiles better instead of keeping more and collecting

We Should Start Focusing on Keeping Reptiles Better and...

It’s often said, somewhat jokingly, that you can’t just have just one snake or lizard. Once you buy one, you almost always end up buying more. Sometimes, a lot more. Unlike many other pets, it seems that collectivism is almost promoted in the reptile hobby. There seems to be sentiments that you’re not a real […]

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Lizard running and not breathing at the same time

Can Lizards Run and Breathe at the Same Time?

Did you know that most lizards can’t run and breathe at the same time? You’ve probably even observed this in real life, but just didn’t quite put it together. Picture this: You’re out hiking and you come across a small lizard. The small lizard darts about ten feet away from you, then stops and heaves […]

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snake eating rat by not dislocate their jaws when eating

Do Snakes Really Break or Dislocate Their Jaws to...

A lot, and I mean A LOT, of people believe that snakes dislocate their jaws to eat their food. Even season snake owners still believe this myth. I did for a few years when I first started keeping snakes. And yes, spoiler alert, this is a myth. Want to learn about another popular snake myth? […]

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vet says large snake wants to eat owner after vet visit

No, Your Cousin’s Boyfriend’s Sister Didn’t Have a Pet...

As a reptile enthusiast, you get used to hearing cruel and unsavory things said about your pets on the daily. (“The only good snake is a dead snake.” “That would make a pretty pair of boots.” “I’d kill that thing if it came towards me.” etc.) It’s never fun to hear these things about your […]

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