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Empowered Shoppers is a vast network of individuals working together to discover the most important information, trusted products, best deals, and time-saving hacks to help us live our best lives at best price. We couldn’t do that without you! 

So join our social media communities to engage with not only the Empowered Shoppers team, but also other empowered shoppers just like you. Check out our different pages and groups below and join the ones that relate to you!

Our Main Empowered Shoppers Pages

Empowered Shoppers


These are the social media pages for our main business. Our Facebook group for Empowered Shoppers is where we discuss and share products, sales, and other useful information with our empowered shopper community to try to discover which products are actually worth our hard-earned money and time. If you want to be a part of the action, definitely join us there. 

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The Empowered Shopper

Hear directly from our founder as she shares her best tips and puts products to the ultimate test for you. If they’ve earned a spot in her home, you know they’re great. 

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Five Star Steals and Deals

This is our page and group focused on letting you know about discounts and sales. Make sure to join if you don’t want to miss any amazing sales our community discovers. 

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Pet Related Pages and Groups

Dog Owners United

A group of dog owners, dog parents, dog lovers, and possibly dogs who learned how to work their owner’s phones (you can’t prove they haven’t joined). We’ve united to share our best dog tips, tricks, hacks, and general information to promote the happiness and wellness of our best friends. 

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Cat Owners United

A group of people who love our overlord cat friends. Yes, we know our cats are really the boss and we’re just here to try and learn how to please them best. If through this groups we happen to earn more snuggles and purrs as a reward, then it’s worth it. 

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Torts and Cohorts

If you like reptiles, follow along to learn about the Leopard Tortoises Little Foot, Yertle, and Koopa and their friends: Marvolo the Dwarf Reticulated Python, Nessy the Yellow Anaconda, Norbert the Black and White Argentine Tegu, Pissy the Hognose, Miss Pickles the African Bullfrog, and Tom, and Spike, and Xander the Ball Pythons. Oh, and their rivals the two huskies, Kira and Liam. Learn why we find these scaly friends so lovable. 

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Lifestyle Pages

Parenting Memes

Full of fun parenting humor, tips and tricks, but mostly stress relief. Because, let’s face it, you need a whole truck load of stress relief when you’re a parent. 

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Momming Hard

Okay, if we’re being honest, this page was originally started with the intent to focus more on just mom’s, especially mom’s in the pregnancy, post-partum, and toddler stage, but has evolved to be more inclusive than that. So, follow here for a parenting page that focuses a little bit more on mom’s and babies, but also throws out some general parenting information as well. 

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I Love Living Well

Join us here if you enjoy wellness in every shape and form. We’ll not just talk about eating well and exercising (which happens sometimes), but also how to relax, work on your anxiety, how to say yes to a long walk or to let yourself read. Self care is important to living well and something that so many of us put off. Living well is so much more than dieting or exercising. 

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Living the Best Life

Living the best life is a page dedicated to celebrating all of life’s moments. Think about those things that you have in your life right now that make you happy, that you want to tell all your friends about and that you feel lucky to have. Those are the types of moments and experiences we want to celebrate here. 

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The Maven Circle

The Maven Circle is a page dedicated to women’s mental health. We’re not alone in our feelings and, yes, our feelings do matter. Let’s support each other so we can all have a little bit better day. 

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The Real Side Hustle

This is a page for all the entrepreneurs out there whether you’re a full-time self-employed boss or just trying to earn a little extra money in your free time. 

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Hobby Pages

I Love DIY

If you’re the type of person who sees something and thinks, “I can do that better.” or “I can do that for cheaper.” then this is the group for you. We love DIY in all forms, from arts and crafts to home projects. Check us out if you’d like to DIY your way to the life of your dreams! 

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The Empowered Reader

happy girl reading a book by the window in the winter

Katrina loves reading and aspires to be a writer someday. Follow along for her book reviews, humor, and writing support and motivation. 

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Book Dragons

Book Dragons is a group for all book lovers to come together and post about their favorite books, share the best book memes, update each other on the latest books news, and all things bookish. If you’re a book wyrm, you’ll definitely feel at home here. (Say “hi” to Katrina while you’re here!) 

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Out of Shape Runner

This is a fitness page for beginners or those looking to get back into shape after not being the most active for a while. We love to use humor to take our minds off of how much fitness sucks sometimes. 

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Just For Fun Pages

I Enjoy the 80s

Did you grow up in the 80’s? Then join us here to reminisce and reminds ourselves about the good ol’ days. 

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I Enjoy the 90s

Calling all 90’s babies. We’re sharing our favorite memories of one of the best times of our lives. Who doesn’t love a good throw back sometimes. 

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I Enjoy the 00s

The 2000’s might not seem like that long ago, and yet there’s already so much that we’ve forgotten. Keep the 00’s alive by joining this page. 

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Betcha Didn’t Know

Are you a fan of weird facts and even weirder products? We’re here to share all the random things in life that will make you think, “woah.” We might even blow your mind sometimes. 

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What One Million Buys


Sometimes it’s fun to see what kinds of crazy things the wealthiest among us buy. Follow along to see luxury and mind blowing custom products and non-necessities like you won’t believe. 

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AR Evolved

If you’re a VR enthusiast, this is the group for you. We’re sharing all the latest VR/AR/MR news, as well as our love of VR Gaming. 

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We love gaming in all forms. We don’t discriminate by the system or game, we just love what gaming represents in general. Many of our best memories were playing nintendo 64 with our friends and family. 

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Yamaha V-Star Motorcycles

A group of Yamaha Motorcycle enthusiasts. 

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Harley Walkarounds

A group of Harley Motorcycle enthusiasts. 

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I Love America

Even though sometimes life today feel’s very overwhelming and it seems like no one can agree, we still think America is still a pretty great place to be. Follow along for random daily holidays, on this day memories, and other non-political fun tidbits. 

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