6 Reasons Why Moms Make Exceptional Leaders in the Workplace

why mom's make excellent work leaders

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We manage so successfully to run a household filled with little people, who happen to be the most difficult people to manage at times. It is then a no-brainer that moms make exceptional, effective leaders in the workplace. Taking what comes naturally in mothering; we apply ourselves with the same tactics in the workplace and get positive results.

Managing employees and managing kids can be very similar at times. By applying your parenting skills to the workplace, you will be setting a standard of respect and appreciation.

Some very special personality traits come along with being a mom:

1. Patience

Managing employees takes more than a fair share of patience, and luckily patience is one of those things a mom cannot do without. All those trying times as a mom, the ups and the downs, all add up to make you an exceptional character. The skills and lessons you learn as a mom won’t only help you in the workplace and at home but in all different situations throughout life. As much as we give our children, they teach us so many more valuable lessons.

2. Skilled at Positive Reinforcement

One of the most effective ways of encouraging good behavior at home is through positive reinforcement. Praising our children when they do something good is a really good way to get them excited to do good more often.

Adapted into the workplace, by congratulating employees and making them feel proud of themselves, you will be motivating them to continue the good work. Nothing gets people behaving and working better than some good old positive reinforcement. The idea of a screaming, scary boss is so out of date. Employees respond better to praise than fear.

3. Good at Not-Micromanaging

As moms, we need to guide our kids through the tough times. At some point, we need to let go and let them make their own decisions. Not only is this to teach them a sense of responsibility, but hopefully they can learn from their mistakes.

We cannot control our kids, just like we should not micromanage employees at work. They will never learn how to effectively do their jobs if you are constantly cleaning up after them. Rather, let them make mistakes. Moms are good at guiding those under our wings using this method. Teach independence rather than reliance.

4. Know How to Take Breaks and Have Fun

Moms are also pros at encouraging good habits. We know how cranky toddlers and kids get when they are tired or hungry. That is why we have nap times, regular meals, snacks, and some play time to keep them stimulated and entertained.

While there may be a massive age gap between your toddler and co-worker, this is something that they have in common. Sitting at a desk all day with no downtime can be demoralizing, and demoralized workers don’t perform. Mom leaders know when it is time for a break and some fun. They know how much of a positive impact small bits of rest and laughter can have on someone who isn’t feeling on top of their game.

5. Great at Controlling Their Anger and Frustration

The idea of the male boss that everyone hides from is so, so outdated. Now we all work on the idea of inclusiveness and openness. A workplace cannot function successfully if it is run on fear.

Moms know this. Leaders who are moms do not act out in aggression or anger. Instead, they take on a system of correcting mistakes and working together positively towards an end goal. Having an approachable manner makes employees feel more comfortable coming to you with problems, which stops most disasters from happening in the first place.

6. The Absolute Best Multi-Taskers

Moms are famous for multitasking, and while we do take pride in it, we weren’t given much of an option. Multitask or fail! A successful leader knows how to multitask, but also delegate work when necessary. Moms don’t have any macho to prove, we know when we have too much on our plate, and most importantly we know when to ask for help.

Being a mom can be super tough, but it gives us skills and lessons that we can adapt and use in all different walks of life. Work, home, and social life, all need our super mom skills. We can thank our kids for all the experience!

Much success,

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