Top 10 Things That Would Happen if Bees Died Out

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Our black and yellow friends are much more important than we’re aware of. They take care of so many crucial aspects and details of nature, that they really are irreplaceable in every possible way. From pollinating to producing honey, they are deeply intertwined with us humans and it’s our duty to care for them. About 25 years ago, scientists started issuing dire warnings about the dying out of bees because of global warming and increased pollution. More than 5.000 species have drastically low numbers and this may be a big problem. To help you understand the issue better, we’ve compiled the top ten things that would happen if bees suddenly died out.

  1. No more honey

This tasty and healthy food that can never go bad will be no more if we keep on endangering the bees. For early humans, this was a crucial part of their diet and we wouldn’t probably exist or be so advanced if our ancestors didn’t take on beekeeping. This large, billion-dollar industry will disappear and people will lose their jobs.

  1. No more beef or dairy products

Much of the food the cows eat has to be pollinated by bees so that those plants can spread their seeds and grow. If bees weren’t on this planet anymore, cows wouldn’t be able to have their complex diet anymore and would die out fairly quickly. The whole food chain would be badly damaged by this occurrence.

  1. There would be no more cotton

Not only do the bees pollinate flowers and edible plants, they also pollinate cotton. A staple of our clothing industry would be gone and there would be chaos and a lack of clothes all around the world. Yes, we could make synthetic clothes, but those materials are much harder to manufacture and would cause problems.

  1. Food prices will rise

All the food we eat is affected by bees – either it’s pollinated by bees, either it eats plants pollinated by bees or they eat something that eats herbivores. Slowly but surely, animal species and the food chain would slowly but unavoidably collapse, leading to mass starvation, scarce food, and insane prices.

  1. Starvation

Because food is so crucially affected by bees, pretty much everyone relies on bees to have a full stomach. If bees were to disappear, mass starvation would ensue and wars over simple things like coffee, cows, and cotton would begin. Devastation and chaos would take over the world.

  1. The economy would crash

The rule of the economic market is that when something dips in numbers – its price rises according to the number of that thing or product. This would happen with all the food and we wouldn’t be trading stocks and real estate anymore, we would be trading loaves of bread and fields of cotton on the stock market.

  1. Humans will have to pollinate

This is already being administered in China, where they have a severe shortage of bees. Every plant would have to be hand-pollinated with extreme care and that will take hours upon hours to be accomplished. We would have no other option, aside from starving to death and our economy collapsing.

  1. Fruits and veggies would be no more

Everyday foods would disappear simply because 80% of the Earth’s crop foods are pollinated by bees and depend on them to breed and increase in numbers. As we’ve said earlier, all these foods like apples, avocados, watermelons, and peaches being gone would cause even more serious problems. We should care for bees more.

  1. Coffee would be no more

This valuable drink that saved us so many times on those Monday mornings would be a thing of the past. Bees play a more than crucial role in helping coffee reproduce and increase in numbers. Without that, people wouldn’t have a cheap, energy-replenishing solution to help them when they are tired. Yikes, indeed.

  1. Animals and plants would slowly die out

We’ve said it earlier – we either eat plants that are pollinated or animals eat those plants. If plants aren’t able to reproduce. Species wouldn’t be able to feed themselves and the entire ecosystem of the world would collapse and our planet would become just a wasteland.

Which of these effects of bees dying out would worry you the most? Share with us in the comments below.

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