Easy Ways to Dispose of Junk From Your Office

Easy Ways to Dispose of Junk From Your Office

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It has never been easy to get rid of junk and unwanted bulk items from your office. Everyone has to deal with office clutter, but some people just deal with it more successfully thanks to their tolerance for disarray or by teaching themselves good habits to keep everything around them organized.

If your office is in disarray right now, it does not mean that you are a bad or terminally disorganized person. It means that you simply haven’t taken some time to learn new habits that will help keep your office as organized as it should be.

Why Your Office is Cluttered

We can’t tell you the exact reason your office is cluttered, but we can make a good guess of what is preventing you from decluttering your office and getting rid of unwanted stuff.

For instance, some people view possessions as a type of security, an insulator against change. As long as they have stuff – even worthless stuff – such as junk mail piled up in sideboards or Post-IT note refills in their drawers, they feel as if they have some barrier against want and scarcity.

Other people are simply ineffective time managers. They want a clear office but they manage their time in such a loose way that it is hard to find a window in the day where they can sit down and clear their desk to start the next day.

Some are just busy.

Tips to Dispose of Junk from Your Office

  • Do not let junk and rubbish get you down! If you have unwanted bulky items, you can donate them to charity, swap, sell, or give them away, or drop them off at your local tip for recycling your paper junk.
  • Junk mail pours into our mailboxes every day and this can pile up into unneeded clutter in your office. Having a system of managing and getting rid of it will reduce one of the biggest clutter culprits in your home office.
  • Get a shredder. This is an effective way of meaning paper waste while protecting sensitive information
  • Get a file cabinet. File box or accordion file.  This will help you keep your paperwork organized. It will be easier to sort out individual items depending on their relevance and make a decision on which ones to dispose of by shredding and which ones to keep.


For years, it has been illegal to dispose of certain electronics in landfills since they may contain dangerous chemicals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants. If disposed of improperly, these hazardous materials have a high risk of contaminating soil, polluting air, or leaching into water resources.

If ignored, obsolete electronics can pile up in your office and affect productivity, but the good news is that you can engage the services of a junk removal company. These companies safely dispose of the waste and then deliver it to certified E-Waste Recyclers who are committed to recycling electronics safely and responsibly. The service also includes the removal of electronic waste from households such as microwaves, fridges, ovens, washing machines, carpets, and other white goods.

Moreover, with E-waste, becoming a problem, schools and government offices have programs where citizens can bring unwanted electronics to designated drop-off locations.

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