How to Remove Stains from Wool Carpet

How to Remove Stains from Wool Carpet

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The best defense against spots and stains is quick action.

All carpets should be checked daily for spills and spots. If you have a wool carpet, you have to be extra careful about how you treat it for stains. Wool carpets and rugs are beautiful and can last for years, but you won’t care about how long they hold up if they’re covered with stains.

Here’s what I do to take care of my wool carpet stains to keep them looking fantastic.

How to Remove Stains from Wool Carpet

  1. Remove all excess spillage quickly by blotting thoroughly with a dry towel (Blotting is similar to patting or dabbing. There should not be any side-to-side motion involved). Solids should be removed by scraping towards the center of the spill with a dull instrument like a spoon and then picked up.
  2. Determine the type of stain and check the chart for the correct removal procedure.
  3. Apply spot removal agent to clean towel or cloth, not directly to the spot. Use small quantities and always work inwards from the edge to prevent spreading. Do not over-wet the carpet pile.
  4. Before using any chemical, test the carpet or rug for colorfastness. All chemicals should be used with caution and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. When applying chemicals, use sparingly, working from the edges of the stain towards the center.
  5. Wipe and blot gently at the pile. Do not rub or the stain may spread.
  6. If the first choice of cleaning solution on the chart does not remove the stain, blot up excess moisture and try the second choice. If needed go to the third choice, following the above steps.
  7. After the stain has been removed, rinse out the chemical with clean warm water and a clean cloth or sponge. Be careful not to get the carpet too wet.
  8. Blot up all the excess moisture with towels. Once the carpet is as dry as possible, put several towels over the damp area and weigh down with a heavy object. This will continue to draw out moisture and residual spillage from the base of the pile. The area should not be walked on until completely dry.

What Type of Cleaning Solution Should I Use to Get Stains Out of My Wool Carpet?

When you’re cleaning stains from your carpet, you don’t immediately want to reach for the strongest chemicals you have on hand. These strong chemicals can discolor or break down your carpet. Instead, start with the least aggressive cleaning solution you can first, sometimes even just water and elbow juice is all it takes, and then work your way up to the more aggressive cleaners.

The last of the twelve different cleaners below coordinates with the chart. Look up your type of stain on the chart, then look up the recommended solutions for cleaning the stain. Start with the first recommended cleaner, then work your way up to the more aggressive cleaners if the first option doesn’t work.

  1. Cold Water
  2. Detergent Solution: Mix one teaspoon of clear dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm (not hot) water. This solution must be well-rinsed with clear water.
  3. Ammonia Solution: Mix one tablespoon of clear household ammonia (3% solution) with 1/2 cup of water. This solution must be neutralized with vinegar solution.
  4. Solvent: A dry-cleaning solvent (available at grocery, drug, and hardware stores, Chemically 1.1.1. Trichloroethane preferred).
  5. Ice: Chill with ice cubes in a plastic bag. Shatter residue, pick or scrape off, and vacuum.
  6. Vinegar Solution: Mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water.
  7. Warm Water (not hot)
  8. Clear Nail Polish Remover (preferably acetone)
  9. Alcohol or Methylated Spirits Mineral Turpentine
  10. Rust Remover
  11. Absorbent Powder(e.g., salt, talc or proprietary absorbent powders)
  12. Absorbent Paper and Hot Iron
Stain Type Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Alcoholic Beverages 1 2
Bleach 1 3
Blood 1 2
Butter 4 2
Candle Wax 12
Chewing Gum 5 4 2
Chocolate 2 3 6
Coffee 1 2 4
Cooking Oils 4 2
Crayon 4 2
Cream 2 4
Egg 2
Floor Wax 4 2
Fruit Juice 1 2
Furniture Polish 4 2 3
Gravy and Sauces 7 2
Ink (Fountain Pen) 1 2
Ink (Ballpoint Pen) 4 9 2
Ink (Felt Tip) 7 2 8
Ketchup 7 2
Lipstick 4 2
Milk 7 4 2
Mustard 2
Nail Polish 8 4
Oil and Grease 4 2
Paint(Latex) 1 2 4
Paint(Oil) 9 4 2
Rust 4 2 10
Salad Dressing 2 4
Shoe Polish 4 2
Soft Drinks 1 2
Soot 4 2 3
Tar 4
Unknown Material 4 2
Urine (Fresh Stain) 1 2
Urine (Old Stain) 2 3 6
Vomit 2
Wine 11 1 2

There you go. Hopefully, now you know everything you need to know to keep your wool carpets clean and stain-free.