Is Clutter Always Stuff?

Is Clutter Always Stuff?

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Have you found yourself wondering at times in your life why you feel so overwhelmed?  Maybe you have “stuff” lying around and maybe you don’t.

Clutter in piles, clogged cabinets, and overly full schedules can be a sign of something going on internally. This can be a tricky thing to pin down, but worth consideration and thought.

Is “clutter” always tangible?

Is the proverbial clutter always just stuff you can touch?

Could it be a schedule that doesn’t reflect your desired direction?

Do you have habits that are no longer useful or just need to go altogether?

Are ingrained, or long-held beliefs due for a head-on challenge?

Or, is it time to cut off a business (or personal) relationship no longer adding value?

Is it really only the tangible things that clutter up our environment?

When is it time for a change?

If clutter really is an external sign of something going on inside our own mind, wouldn’t the gate could swing the other way?

Meaning this: could the uneasiness that we sometimes feel, without clear cause or explanation, be a struggle that is on the “back burner?”

Many people quietly struggle with situations, relationships or otherwise life-affecting intangibles that silently make their mark on their fatigued minds.

Do we let those things pile up until they get us to a breaking point? Should we allow that to happen? Do we know when it’s time for a change? Have we even allowed ourselves to think about such a change?

When do we say, “Enough is enough?”  Is it important, or even necessary, to “feel” ready to change, or do we just step forward?

Ask yourself this:  Do you have intangible clutter in your life? What steps can you take to start cutting back? Share with us in the comments below!