Simplicity is the Path to a Better Home and Mental State

Simplicity is the Path to a Better Home and Mental State

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Do I Consider Myself Organized?


Am I neat?

Not so much.

I always tell people that even though my house may look like a mess sometimes, I know exactly what’s inside all of my drawers and closets. Which makes cleaner up a breeze when I do get around to it. I’d rather have the corners of my house neat and clean and have a big mess out in the middle than have dirt and grime hiding in the corners and the main areas looking clean.

So, I tend to have a system for everything. I call it piles with a purpose. I keep like items in piles until the piles get big enough that I need to go put them back where they belong.

What about you? Do you consider yourself organized?

What Simplicity Means to Me

Simplicity means eliminating anything that is not essential.

Determining my needs vs. my wants and then evaluating the quantities that are truly necessary.

Simplicity demands that we carry no extra baggage, whether that is physical or emotional. How many pads of paper do I really need? How often do I really need to purchase a cell phone? Do I really need yet another lipstick?

Is marketing and advertising drive my purchasing decisions? Or am I listening to myself and only getting things that I truly need. How much influence do my friends and family have in my buying decisions?

I ask these questions constantly as I strive for simplicity.

Simplicity is More Than a State of Mind

Simplicity is more than a state of mind it is a discipline

Attitudes, values, and behavior form the triangle of accountability. When the three line up with each other then you are able to see measurable results when applies to any goal or area of your life.

When our simplicity is based on what other people have the evaluation is flawed.

True simplicity demands that we develop behaviors based on what is essential for our lives not what other people have. The areas of life that need to be evaluated are family and home, finances, career, emotions, and physical needs.

My Physical Environment is a Reflection of My Internal State

The busier I get with stuff–including projects that are poorly defined, email that I have no business answering, phone calls with no purpose and weekly events that are a part of my responsibilities–my home and van get cluttered.

Remember the piles. They often multiply faster than my systems can reabsorb them.

Changing My Physical Can Instantly Have a Positive Effect on Me

Sunlight, open space with clearly defined storage space, sufficient color in the room, and pictures with a purpose are all good beginning points. So open your blinds, but that pretty artwork you’ve been eyeing and your mood may just brighten with your room.

How to Pursue Simplicity in your Own Life

To begin a life of simplicity and enjoy a home that is both beautiful, functional, and has a positive effect on your health, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Clean out your closet. Not only for size but for quantity.
  2. Eliminate paper clutter. Everything is pretty much digital these days anyway.
  3. Eliminate any appliances or items that you have not used in a year or two.
  4. Do a time management evaluation. Keep track of where you are every 30 minutes and then after a week evaluate how much time you wasted and how much time was used effectively.
  5. Have your personal purpose statement with mission and vision written on a card and in a place that you can read it daily. Mine is on the bathroom mirror. This is a great way to remember exactly who you want to be each day and what you’re working for.