Living Well, Doing Well: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Coffee

Living Well, Doing Well: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Coffee

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If you are a working American citizen, you likely have at least a few cups of coffee each week. It wouldn’t be surprising if you have a cup or two every single day.

If you’re often going through the drive-thru at your local coffee shop to get that caffeine fix, this practice is probably making a significant dent in your wallet. I understand—it seems like coffee made at home is just never quite as good as the frothy, delicious beverages served at the cafe. But that doesn’t have to be true!

If you’re looking for a way to make coffee shop-style beverages at home and save a few bucks doing it, you are in for a treat. I’m going to show you five different ways you can create gourmet-style coffee from the comfort of your own home.

#1: Switch Brewing Methods

If you are still working with an electric Mr. Coffee or Keurig-style machine, you will want to begin this coffee venture with a change in brewing methods. Most of these machines are sleek and fit in with any home decor you might already have. While those kinds of machines are fine for an average cup of joe, they are not the best option when you want something really fantastic. And fantastic is what you want, isn’t it?

So, what should you be shopping for? Well, fortunately, it’s not necessary to own a fancy espresso machine. Picking up a simple pour-over brewer, French press, or an AeroPress is all you need to ensure your coffee is made just right. Best of all, these simple tools are easy to find and even easier on your finances. (For best results, you might want to get a simple gooseneck kettle as well.)

#2: Pick Your Beans

The next step to the ideal cup of coffee is choosing the right kind of beans. Begin by tossing out that container of pre-ground coffee that’s been lurking in your cabinet for who knows how long. Head to the local natural grocery store and choose a bean that sounds yummy based on the description. Dispense only a little to ensure it remains fresh long enough for you to use it all, and if you lack a grinder of your own home, grind it in the store (however fine or coarse you like)!

#3: Warm Your Milk

You will want to ensure your milk is nice and warm before adding it to your coffee. This will keep it from making the drink cold. While you can do this in the microwave, it is not always the best option. This is particularly true if you are an individual who enjoys the foam of a good latte or cappuccino, as the microwave will not create that delicious froth you are after.

Instead, go out and buy an inexpensive milk-frothing wand. These handy little contraptions are ideal for making foam to top your coffee beverages with, and since they’re small, they can even be taken traveling with you.

#4: Switch to Syrups

Sometimes sugar just doesn’t cut it for the sweet coffee drinkers of the world. If this is the case for you, you can solve all of your problems by heading to your local coffee shop or breaking out the ingredients to stock your pantry with a flavored syrup or two. This will help you get that flavor you are after without leaving a strange sugar residue at the bottom of your cup, which is especially helpful for iced coffee drinkers.

#5: Mix in Some Ice Cream

Are you a blended beverage kind of person? Did you know you can make a blended coffee drink at home that is better than the coffee shop version and much less expensive? Simply toss half a cup of strong brewed coffee into a blender with a cup of ice cream and blend well. Be sure to top it with whipped cream, then sit back in your favorite chair and fully enjoy your incredible beverage!

#6: Use An Insulated Cup or Tumbler

Using an insulated cup or tumbler for your coffee has two incredible pros. First, it’ll keep your coffee hotter for longer, which is super important when you’re someone like me who is constantly forgetting to drink their coffee promptly. Secondly, it’ll keep your hands from burning when you pick up your freshly brewed drink. I can’t imagine drinking my coffee in anything else now!

What is your favorite tip for enhancing your coffee? Share with us in the comments below!

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