Things You Need to Understand if You Are Diagnosed with Diabetes

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  1. Your Goals Can Still Be Achieved

    1. Know that you are in good company

When diagnosed with diabetes, people will often think of themselves as unique or limited. In truth, many famous and incredibly successful people suffer from diabetes. Everyone from politicians to musicians and even actors can be a victim to this disease.

  1. You can still achieve your goals

There are not many events in life that can force a person to find determination and focus in the way a chronic illness diagnosis can. The same qualities that you use in other situations may be the driving force behind the success of managing diabetes. You can do anything that a person who does not have diabetes can do.

  1. Your emotional reaction is normal

Anyone diagnosed with a chronic condition typically experiences similar emotions, including denial, anger, bargaining or depression and, finally, acceptance. All of these emotions are normal and can be dealt with, one at a time. Depression should always be brought to the attention of your doctor.

  1. There are ways to address your emotions

When confronted with emotions about your condition, you can mitigate their effect on you by focusing on positive aspects of your life such as your accomplishments. Also, keep in mind that a diabetic diet is a healthy diet and proper nutrition can help your entire family.

  1. You can maintain a high quality of life

Through exercise and proper diet, you can maintain a high quality of life even when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. In studies, one of the biggest contributors to a lower quality of life was a lack of physical activity. Those who maintain a fitness regimen of some kind reported a continued high quality of life. Of course, you should always consult your doctor to find out exactly what is best for your specific situation.

  1. You do not have to fear treatment

Initially, those diagnosed with diabetes might fear the idea of regular insulin shots and worry that this might interfere with their lifestyle. Studies have shown that long-term diabetic sufferers worry less about the treatments than they do about the societal effect of having diabetes.

  1. You can get support at home

Family support for a person suffering from diabetes can be incredibly beneficial. While having family support did not prove to provide better glucose results in tests, it did prove to be beneficial in making the person feel more physically capable.

  1. You will adjust to your diagnosis

Studies have shown that as diabetic patients age, they grow more confident and feel better about themselves than they did when they were younger. Patients in studies report that their quality of life improves as they age.

  1. You can change your perspective

Simply by developing a positive attitude, setting and reaching goals, and by getting the people around you involved, you can strengthen not only your own resolve but those of your friends and family as well.

  1. You can control the disease

Keep your blood glucose as normal as possible, incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and maintain a healthy attitude. These actions will ensure that you are controlling your diabetes and prevent your diabetes from controlling you. Consult your doctor about all your questions and concerns as they will have the best advice and knowledge for your specific situation.