Top 10 Ways to Apply Meditation in Everyday Activities

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It can be really difficult to motivate yourself to do chores when there are a million more important things that you could be doing instead. Try and enjoy the activity by taking stock of the individual actions and how they are helping to improve the state of the room or house.

  1. Working on the computer

Working at a computer for long periods can leave you feeling numb and out of touch with your body. Take regular breaks to take stock of how you are sitting and feeling and practice breathing exercises to relax. Do some gentle stretches in the neck to relieve any tension.

  1. Driving

Driving can be an extremely stressful activity as you have to be constantly alert to any danger coming your way. Try to notice the moments when you get wound up during the drive and mindfully take a step back. Pay attention to your breathing and follow your breaths to calm down.

  1. Talking on the phone

Talking to people on the phone may not always be a pleasant experience as topics may arise that you are not comfortable with or that make you angry. Notice your breathing patterns when these feelings arise and take some deep breaths. Afterward, try to understand where these feelings came from.

  1. Watching TV

When you’re watching your favorite show it can be easy to lose track of how you are sitting or feeling. Take the opportunity during breaks to sit up and pay attention to any aches and pains. Take a walk around your living room and do some gentle stretches to relieve tension.

  1. Exercising

Working out is a great time to take a break from overthinking and pay attention to your body. Try not to space out and force your body into different poses that are painful or pushing it too far. Stay mindful of what you are doing and keep track of your breath.

  1. Hugging

How you hug can tell you a lot about how you rank the importance of physical connections in your life. Hugging mindfully can make you notice whether you distance yourself or tense up even when you don’t mean to. Pay attention to how you hug and the message it sends.

  1. Meditation with children

Meditating with your children is a great bonding activity that can invite calm and peacefulness into your relationship. Don’t describe your practice too seriously as this may put them off and don’t be offended if they only join you for one session, they may come back to it in time.

  1. Meditating with partners and family

There is something really beautiful about sitting in comfortable silence with the people you love most. You can start by incorporating a few minutes each day during your usual family routine such as cooking or eating together. Meditating together can create a deeper bond of love and understanding between you.

  1. Meditative lovemaking

You may not see meditation as necessary whilst making love to your partner, but it has the power to create a more meaningful experience. Take the time to acknowledge the love you have and stay present with your actions. The best lovemaking doesn’t focus on the finish line but on the process.