What is Flexitarianism and is it Right For Me?

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Remember when VegNews was exposed for using edited pictures of non-vegan foods in order to promote their vegan recipes.

2011 was definitely the beginning of veganism hitting the mainstream. Remember when Oprah and three-hundred-something of her staff went vegan and after that, Bill Clinton? I didn’t see that coming.

Since then, we’ve seen lots more celebrities, athletes, and even body builders. While many more people have shown an interest in veganism.

However, while many people are interested in veganism and want to not only eat more healthy but also improve animal welfare and environment, they are also afraid to commit to such an extreme lifestyle.

This is where “Flexitarianism” come in.

No, this is not another corny reference to vegan bodybuilders, Flexitarianism is a way of eating that reduces the amount of animal products consumed, without going all the way vegetarian or vegan.

At least half of Americans are aware of the “Meatless Monday” campaign with around 27% actively trying to reduce the amount of animal products they are consuming. And the amount of meat we are consuming as a nation can be seen as plummeting in comparison to recent years.


In the media right now there is no shortage of reasons why people are striving to eat a mostly plant-based diet. Some sources are reporting that going vegan is better for the environment than going organic.

Authors of the China Study report that the long-term effects of animal products on the human body are worse than smoking cigarettes.

Even the Harvard School of Public Health recently cut out dairy and made meat optional in their revision of the classic food pyramid.

So perhaps being a perfect vegan isn’t in the cards for some people, but if you ask me, flexitarians can still cut it with the rest of us.

Have you taken up any Flexitarian habits like Meatless Monday in your own diet? Share with us in the comments below!

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