Why Upcycling Content is Essential for B2B Marketing

Why Upcycling Content is Essential for B2B Marketing

Upcycling content is an essential practice in B2B marketing. To get the most out of your content, you need to give it as much visibility as possible. The only way to do this is to post it on multiple platforms. As you move your content around, rearrange it so that it appeals to different types […]

Why You Should Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Document your Content Marketing Strategy

How important is it to document your content marketing strategy? Probably more than you think. When businesses document their strategy, they commit to it and have certain goals that they want to reach. Documented marketing strategies provide clear guidelines to follow. This makes a difference when it comes to the actual implementation of the strategy. According […]

Which Categories of Digital Marketing are Businesses Focusing on the Most?

Which Categories of Digital Marketing are Businesses Focusing on the Most?

Digital marketing has grown in the last decade to encompass numerous different categories that can sometimes overwhelm. For a first-time B2B business, there may also be a tendency to feel like they don’t know where to begin or which categories to focus on more than others. But with statistics tabulated regularly, you can see what other […]

How Webinar Series Can Build Your Thought Leadership

How Webinar Series can Build Your Thought Leadership

If you’re an experienced marketer, particularly if you operate in the B2B sector, you likely know about the value of webinars to your lead generation content marketing efforts. Webinars continue to rank among the top inbound marketing lead generation tactics, even improving in effectiveness in recent years. You might also know that webinars play an important role […]

Online Marketing Using Images: Are They More Important Than Actual Content?

Part of online marketing for B2B businesses is promoting blogs and social media posts, though some of that has been giving way to images over straight text. While there’s been debate about whether images are going to receive more focus in online marketing over actual reading, it’s obvious text isn’t going to go away completely. Regardless, adding […]

How to Create a Marketer’s Utility Belt

How to Create a Marketers Utility Belt

In our time, Batman has become a crowd-favorite superhero. However, this billionaire orphan who fights crime at night wouldn’t have had much success without his utility belt. All those tools and gadgets allow him to appear greater than a mortal man. The same can be said about a digital marketer. We would be nothing without […]

How to Win at Social Media Marketing

How to Win at Social Media Marketing

Sure, social media marketing sounds easy. Why, isn’t all you have to do is set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., make a few posts, and watch the customers flock in (and the cash register ring!)? As the saying goes, if it was that easy, everyone could do it—and they can’t! Yes, social media […]

Fall in Love with Content Creation

Fall in Love with Content Creation

“Content creation.” Even the term sounds a little boring. It makes the process sound about as enthralling as writing the ingredient labels for food packaging. It just sounds so, well, industrial. It feels as if you’re applying for a job on an assembly line. Fortunately, there’s an antidote for the tedium. (And it’s not turning your […]

3 Tips to Help Find More Topics for Onsite Blogging

Business blogging, especially when done on your internal website, continues to gain importance in B2B marketing. Its numerous benefits, ranging from SEO improvements to establishing thought leadership, make onsite blogging a valuable online tool for marketers. Still, many companies, especially those marketing to other businesses, are hesitant when it comes to blogging. The general sentiment […]

Simplicity and Empathy: The Two Magic Words of High-Quality Content Marketing

Simplicity and Empathy: The Two Magic Words of High Quality Content Marketing

We live in a very noisy digital marketing world, to say the least. If, for example, U2, one of the biggest rock bands in history, had to resort to their massive Apple giveaway stunt to “break through the noise,” as lead singer Bono said, it’s safe to say that our world is over-saturated with content. […]