The Three Stages of Getting Organized

The Three Stages of Getting Organized

Years ago, I was burning the candle at both ends. You know what I’m talking about working 8-5 at a job that wasn’t all that fulfilling (although I liked the people there, and still do) as well as volunteering for a start-up project (with my husband) and spending most of our free time there. I […]

The Best Easter Egg Stuffers for All Ages That Aren’t Candy

Best Easter Egg Stuffers for All Ages

The most common thing people use to fill Easter eggs is usually candy. While candy is great, I usually like to only fill about fifty percent of the eggs with candy and fill the rest with little toys and nicknacks. My kids always get so excited about the little toys I put inside their eggs. […]

Top Supplements to Consider Taking While on a Detoxification Diet

Food-based multivitamin Most of the multivitamins available on the market today are chemical powders and leave your body right after entering it. Look for natural food-based multivitamins. Your body processes them just like it processes food, which allows the vitamins and nutrients to stay in your system. Multimineral If you want your body to perform […]

Which Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home Office?

Which Type of Flooring is Best for your Home Office?

An office floor is probably one of the most misunderstood restoration items in people’s home offices. These are fundamental to productivity and functionality, but then again very few pay attention to the material when having a flooring system installed. So, how do we make a home office appear more practical with flooring? What are the […]

Food or Phone: The Importance of Eating Dinners Phone Free

why you shouldn't let your kids have phones at the dinner table

Dinner can sometimes be the only part of the day when a family can sit down and have quality time together. Everyone is busy – you are running errands all day and working, dad is constantly answering emails and the kids are catching up on homework and sports after school. Finding time each day to […]

The Cutest Creative Canning Jar Labels

This autumn, the unofficial search for ‘the best’ canning labels has finally ended with Mud & Twig. Incredible! But unfortunately, they’re taking a break right now. So, now I’m left deciding between praying they return or trying to DIY some sort of knock-off version, all while knowing that it won’t be as cute. Sigh . […]

DIY Inspiration for Growing Upside-Down Plants

how to grow upside down plants

Plant pots have evolved—they now hang upside down. Besides looking awesome, these upside-down plants save space and water, allowing even tight urban apartments to have a bit of greenery. Not only are they practical, but they’re also pretty dang cool. Your friends will be so amazed by your upside down plants and you kids will also […]

Historical American Recipes and Cookbooks for the 4th of July

The American Independence Day is usually celebrated with a barbecue, but if you want to try something different, visit the Colonial Williamsburg website for American recipes from the 18th century. They have a whole department dedicated to researching and recreating colonial American foods, called the Department of Historic Foodways. They’re currently researching culinary topics like coffee, dairying, food […]

5 Tips to Help You Live a Happier, More Productive Life

5 Tips to Help You Live a Happier, More Productive Life

Achieving a happier, more productive life requires a firm commitment to ongoing self-improvement. This goal is best achieved through balance, good health, and financial strength. Other important keys to greater life enjoyment include a fruitful career and sound decision-making skills. Below are five tips to help you live a happier more productive life. 1) Strive to […]

Improving Your Children’s Self-Esteem in a World of Social Media

Improving Your Children’s Self-Esteem in a World of Social Media

Whether you’re young or old, people of all ages are constantly being bombarded with images daily. Not all of these images are negative, obviously, but many of them are. First of all, the media plays a major role in what we see. When you’re watching the latest celebrity show, for example, you may see a […]