The Cutest Creative Canning Jar Labels

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This autumn, the unofficial search for ‘the best’ canning labels has finally ended with Mud & Twig. Incredible! But unfortunately, they’re taking a break right now. So, now I’m left deciding between praying they return or trying to DIY some sort of knock-off version, all while knowing that it won’t be as cute. Sigh . . .

If you didn’t have a reason for canning lemon curd this season, here you go. (Plus a few more.)

1. If you’re curious -> lemon curd recipe.

lemons curd lemonade marmalade canning jar labels


2. Pickles – whole and sliced.

sliced whole dill pickles canning jar label


3. Grapes for jelly.

grape jelly jam wine juice canning jar labels


4. Oranges for marmalade.

orange kumquat marmalade juice canning jar label


5. Pesto & tomato sauce.

tomato sauce pesto canning jar labels


6. Honey!

creamed honey bees canning jar label


7. Award-winning pumpkin puree.

pumpkins puree blue ribbon canning jar labels


8. Hearts for everything else.

white and red hearts canning jar labels


9. Those mysterious home recipes.

chestnuts mushrooms spider webs canning jar labels


10. And the absolute best: peaches.