This Amazing, Non-Sticky Sucker is the Only Sucker I’ll Give My Toddlers

Best suckers for toddlers are the smartie suckers

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Toddlers can be tricky to take to the store. Especially when you have three under four. So a helpful friend told me that I should try giving them suckers to when we’re out. She’d been giving her toddler the big 50 cent ones you can get at several stores and swore that it kept him distracted and quiet throughout the whole trip.

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So, I tried it.

I immediately regretted it.

The suckers were so freaking sticky. Sure, my kids were quiet and distracted, but they were smearing sucker everywhere. I spent like ten minutes cleaning sucker off the shopping cart. Every item I purchased that day somehow ended up with sucker on it. Their clothes, the bread, their hair, the milk, and pretty much everything else you can imagine were all stuck together. It was awful.

Then another friend told me about these miracle smartie suckers that don’t get sticky.

I said that sounds too good to be true.

She said they’re at the gas station and to try them out.

I did. And she was right. They are amazing.

My babies can eat these all day long and there is no sticky residue anywhere. They’re more of a chalky texture that dries out and can be basically brushed off faces and whatever else they may touch. If dropped in the car seat, they can be picked back up. They don’t stick to the seat or create a sticky spot that everything else sticks to as well. I absolutely love them.

While you may be able to go to your local gas station to stock up on them, it’s cheaper and easier to buy them in bulk from Amazon. I like to buy the smaller size and carry several around with me in a baggy in case of emergencies. If your child is a chewer or fast sucker eater, you’ll probably be better off with the larger size, but I personally prefer the smaller size.

Either way, I hope you enjoy these suckers as much as I do.

The Best Non-Sticky Suckers for Toddlers and Kids

The best small sized smartie suckers for toddlers:

Do you love these suckers as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy shopping,

The Empowered Shopper

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