How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

What is the cost of a tummy tuck/

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Many moms don’t realize how much their body will change once they have had their baby. While the body changes are obvious during pregnancy, the postpartum recovery differs extensively between women. Some mom’s pop straight back into shape, and others will find that they never get back to their pre-baby body. Accepting your new body can be tough, and for most moms, they aren’t happy settling with what they now have. We still want to look good and feel good in our own skin.

During pregnancy, the skin stretches to accommodate for a growing baby. This elasticity in the skin depends on many different factors, but the skin doesn’t always shrink back into its normal shape or size. This can leave an excess of abdominal skin that isn’t too flattering. No matter how much exercise or weight loss diets some women try, this skin does not go away. Also, moms don’t get much time to hit the gym twice a day, and a healthy diet takes a ton of work!

This excess abdominal skin left by pregnancy is one of the reasons why moms opt for tummy tucks. Luckily we live in a modern, forward thinking society where we can choose to have these procedures done, even just for aesthetics. Making the decision to have a tummy tuck can be daunting, but starting off with a consultation can help you decide whether you want to go through with it or not. Understanding what a tummy tuck actually entails is important in deciding whether you want one or not.

The procedure varies depending on the patient’s body condition. During surgery, the excess skin, and sometimes fat, gets removed. An incision is made between the hips and the excess skin and fat is removed using this incision. This procedure also helps tighten the abdominal muscles.  Some women also opt to have liposuction done during the tummy tuck procedure – this removes fat cells in targeted areas. The incision is then stitched up and usually heals within 4-6 weeks.

Once the decision is made to move forward with a tummy tuck – the big looming issues then arise – what will it cost, and where do you find the money? There are so many women looking to have tummy tuck surgery done, but so few that can actually afford it. Unfortunately it is considered cosmetic surgery, so most of it needs to be covered by the patient. Tummy tuck surgery can cost anywhere from $5000 up, and any additional liposuction could cost upwards of $1300 an area.

Many people, who opt for the full mommy makeover, pay upwards of $15,000 for a full tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, etc.

Not everyone has this money laying around for a tummy tuck, so sourcing it can be tricky. There are some financing options available for women who really want the procedure. Some women opt for simply saving up the money, which could take quite a bit of time and saving isn’t always easy. Moms also tend to put themselves second – so the savings are often spent on something other than what they are intended for!

Then there is the option of using medical financing where you can pay off the procedure in increments. You are able to see professionals regarding this who will help you decide if this is the option for you, and it is a little bit less financially straining as you can choose to pay the procedure off instead of paying up one big lump sum.

If you are unhappy with your body and have tried and tried to get it back to its normal shape, then you might be considering a tummy tuck. It may seem like a big step to take, but if it will help you feel good about yourself again then it is worth pursuing. You deserve to be happy in your own body, and heaven knows that everything you went through during pregnancy and with being a mom, you owe it to yourself to spend some money on making you feel good again.

Before doing anything though, consult a professional. You will be able to find out all the nitty-gritty details, the full cost of the procedure and if you are a good candidate. This will be the best move in finding out if it is what you want or not.

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