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Honest Manscaped Review

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My husband doesn’t order things often, so when we got this one in the mail I knew it must be something he was excited about. Sure enough, as soon as he got home from work he immediately asked me if a packaged had come for him. Upon opening it, out fell the manscaped perfect package kit containing their waterproof shaver, their anti-chafing ball deodorant, their ball spray toner, disposable shaving mats, travel bag, and a pair of boxers. The kit sells for $99.99.

My husband loves his grooming. You have to know that this is a man that religiously gets his hair cut every two weeks. So the marketing on this really appealed to him. However, the marketing feels a bit like a lie. Let’s get into the pros and cons we’ve found.

Pros of the Manscaped Perfect Package

  • The boxers are very nice. My husband loves them. They feel just like the ultra soft micro modal boxers he is in love with. The man will not wear anything else. He even thinks the manscaped boxers may be slightly, slightly better than his regular boxers. I think that may just be because he knows they came in a fancy package and because they have the brand name prominently displayed.
  • Love that it’s waterproof. The nicest thing about this razor is that it’s waterproof and can be used in the shower. That means there’s no shave mess around your sink, but it also means that you’ll need some kind of guard in your shower drain if some serious shaving is going on, like your chest or leg hair for the first time in months. If you’re keeping up with it and not shaving a ton off at once, you’re probably fine and don’t need to worry about any clean-up, which is really nice.
  • Good battery life. This razor goes several shaves before it needs to be recharged. It’s hard to say exactly how many, because every shave and week is a little different, but we go a couple weeks before we need to charge it again.
  • Good for times when you’re not worried about a super close shave. This probably sounds like a con, but let me try and explain. It’s not a super close shave, but I enjoy it for times when I don’t want to fully shave and avoid the razor burn I often get when shaving traditionally. It also saves me from having to dump uncomfortable anti-razor burn product on afterwards. During the summer, I’m not interested in this razor because I need grade-A grooming. However, when I’m pregnant or during the winter, I find myself reaching for this occasionally because it keeps things pretty well under control.

My husband doesn’t like shaving traditionally, so this kind of shaving is about what he’s used too. This razor will not get you an amazing, super close shave. You’re going to feel stubbly right after. But, for the main areas that it’s made for, the pubic region, I think this is usually okay.

Cons of the Manscaped Perfect Package

  • Only 5 star reviews on their site. If you know me, I hate when companies are afraid to have any negative reviews and go out of their way to hide them. It makes me wonder what they’re hiding and I find the negative reviews very important in making my final decision. You can submit 4-star reviews and under to the site, but if you’re not leaving a perfect 5-star review you’ll never see it live. Amazon has a more honest look at their true reviews.
  • Overpriced. I’m a cosmetologist, I’ve been around my fair share of razors and this razor doesn’t feel like anything special. It’s pretty similar to every other cheap battery powered razor around. You can definitely find something similar for cheaper without paying for the brand name.
  • Cracking along the side after just a few months of use. AKA no longer waterproof.

    Manscaped Razor Handle Separating Along the Side No Longer Water Proof
    Manscaped Razor Handle Separating After a Few Months
  • If you have thick hair, you’ll probably always feel like sandpaper. My husband and I are lucky enough to have pretty thin hair (I’ve done a year of laser hair removal, so I’m mostly about maintenance shaving now), so the fact that this razor doesn’t shave super close works okay for us. However, I imagine if you have thicker hair, like I did pre-laser hair removal, you’re probably going to feel like a sandpapery monster the entire time you use this razor.
  • It sucks for beards. If you’re thinking this razor is going to work for your beard, run the other direction. It pulls the thick beard hairs and doesn’t give a smooth shave. It’s pretty pathetic how poorly this works on beards actually.
  • It is not a magical, knick-free, solution. This razor is marketed as “skin safe,” meaning that this razor is supposedly not supposed to cut your most intimate parts, or any other parts either. Well, this is a lie. It’s just a razor. There’s nothing special or cut proof about it. I’ve cut myself. My husband has cut himself. It feels very much like false advertising.
  • I hate the ball deodorant and toner. My husband is indifferent. My husband got his package all pretty the night after receiving this kit. He shaved and applied the ball deodorant and possibly the toner too, then came in for a night of fun. I hated the deodorant. It was odd smelling, gross, and I did not want to be anywhere near it. Perhaps it’s because my husband doesn’t have any chafing problems, but since I wasn’t all that into it, he never used them again and they’ve become wasted product. Not sure what the ball deodorant is supposed to be for if your partner isn’t going to enjoy it. He’s not into walking around with pretty smelling balls for himself. Neither one of us is also sure what ball spray toner is supposed to do.
  • Nothing included for during the shave. Instead of the crappy post-shave products, I wish they wouldn’t included some nice items for during the shave, or to stop bleeding, because you’re probably going to cut yourself at some point.
  • Toiletry bag is meh. It’s a drawstring bag, and we never use it since the razor just sits in the shower. Kind of feels like a waste. It seems like the current kit has a slightly nicer bag, but I still think it would be a waste. It’s definitely not the $40 value gift they’re trying to pass it off as.
  • I freaking hate the name “lawn mower” for a razor. I’m not the target market and maybe I’m being petty, but I hate it. Like, why? It seems so icky to me.

Overall Thoughts:

Ultimately, we basically spent $100 dollars on a so-so razor and a nice pair of boxers. It’s definitely not worth the price. The company feels dishonest due to their deleting every less-than 5-star review from their site and their false advertising about the razor being knick-free. I would not recommend this product to friends or family. Instead, I would suggest finding a comparable, cheaper razor and using that instead.

I have seen coupons where you can purchase the kit for $60 dollars instead of $99.99, but I still don’t feel like this razor is worth that cost.

I’ve found a couple other waterproof electric razors on Amazon that retail for around $20-$30 dollars that seem like they’ll work just as well, if not better, than the Manscaped razor. $40 dollars gets you to a slightly nicer tier.

If you’re interested in the boxers as well, the only other item that seems worth it, I’d recommend these boxers below. They are very similar in quality to the ones you receive in the manscaped package, but you can get three for around thirty dollars. Still a little pricey, but my husband swears by them. He will not even look at other boxers. If you think about it, this way you can get three pairs of boxers and what will probably be a better razor for around $60 dollars, which is a better deal than the manscaped packaged in my opinion.


I could see, however, if you’re thinking about giving a razor like this as a gift, where you might prefer to go for the Manscaped packaged. The fluffy extras do make it seem like a nice gift package. However, if you’re buying it for yourself, I’d skip it hands down. We definitely won’t be purchasing again.

Have you tried the Manscaped products? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy shopping,

The Empowered Shopper

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