8 Winning Tips to Get You Pumped Up to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

8 Winning Tips to get You Pumped Up to Achieve your Marketing Goals

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Goal setting is a key ingredient to the marketer’s journey. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up brand or a seasoned business owner, there are always objectives to meet and aims to reach toward growing your company.

Yet, how often have you set goals only to have them drift to the wayside? Perhaps the goal was too overwhelming that we didn’t do proper planning or invest in the right resources to bring them to fruition. Maybe it wasn’t motivating or compelling enough to drive us out of bed each morning to get it done.

You see, although we may understand the importance of setting goals to achieve a specific result, the challenge comes in executing and making them a reality. Our goals are far too important to be neglected and the success of our business lies in creating them and ensuring they manifest.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get you pumped about achieving your goals.  Here are eight tips to get you on the winning path and excited about your entrepreneurial future!

#1 Be crystal clear on your why

This is a critical step and will set the foundation for reaching your goals.  Why is this goal so important to you?  What benefits will you gain from making it happen?  How will this impact your small business in the long run? Understanding the reasons behind the activity will keep you motivated during the journey.

Brands like SLC Custom Packaging give great examples of sharing the why behind their goal and how they aim to satisfy and solve the challenges of their market.

Thus, a good practice is to write out the reasons for achieving your goal (the benefits) and post it where you can see it as a daily reminder. The more you see it, the more your tasks and actions will align to making your goal happen. You will also begin recognizing opportunities that can help further your goal, keeping you in a ready state to capitalize on these moments when they present themselves.

#2 Just do it!

Simply starting a task encourages you to finish it.  Set the goal and just get started.  Create milestones where you break the desired result into small, achievable steps with specific deadlines to get it done.

A successful technique is to set SMART goals or ones that are SpecificMeasurableAchievableRealistic, and Timed. To do your goals, they must be clearly defined, have a measurable result you’re seeking to attain, include an actionable game plan to execute, be doable with the available resources that you have (or plan to hire), and have an intended date of completion. This strategy greatly positions you to win at your goals and provides direction so you can simply do it!

#3 Surround yourself with colleagues who motivate you

The best motivation can come from friends and colleagues who can cheer you on toward the finish line. When you surround yourself with empowering people, it helps shift your mindset towards success and feed off the energy and positivity of your group. You can also glean winning ideas from these people that can bolster your goals. Organizations like the Real Estate Institute of Canada embrace the concept of connecting with like-minded people to achieve success.

Therefore, be intentional about engaging with those who can truly help you in your goals.  Think about getting an accountability partner who can hold you to your goals even when the going gets tough  . . . because, in the entrepreneurial journey, it will.

#4 Properly feed your mind & body

Fueling your body with the proper nutrition provides the brain energy and stamina to work through your goals.  Indulge in foods that support your health while giving you the boost needed to enhance performance.  Drink water and exercise . . . all key ingredients to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and functioning at your best.

It’s just as critical to feed your mental health with inspirational books, audio, and conversations that build self-motivation and sharpen your skills.

#5 Play a tune while you work

Get energized while tackling your to-do list by listening to your favorite song that moves you to action.  A study showed that music is a useful tool for working better on your tasks. So whether it’s Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, or Justin Timberlake, find a tune or podcast station that gets you pumped at achieving your goals.

#6 Sleep is vital

When on the grind, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to put sleep aside to “get the most” time out of their day.  However, lack of rest hurts our willpower, mood, motivation, and attentiveness. Many successful entrepreneurs strive to get ample amount of rest so they’re ready to conquer the next day.

It’s okay if you don’t get it all completed today . . . aim to sleep better at night so your goals become easier to finish the following morning!

#7 Plan tomorrow . . . today!

Beginning your day with a prepared agenda in hand sets the tone for a highly productive, action-oriented day.  Planning ensures that you’re scheduling activities that specifically align with your goals, making each day purposeful and intentional.  End your day by creating your to-do list for tomorrow.

#8 Celebrate!

Celebrate your successes…even the smallest victories.  We can easily burn out by always thinking of the next thing to do to get to the end goal, yet we must assess how far we’ve come and reward ourselves for the progress achieved.

Choose a prize that will excite and motivate you. If you enjoy going to the theatres, put the movie date on your calendar so you can see it often. Perhaps you’d like a relaxing day at the spa . . . head over to Groupon to find a great deal and push yourself to meet your next benchmark. Or take an extended getaway when the goal is met, staying at a luxury location like Pinnacle Furnished Suites that appeals to entrepreneurs. With these little treats along the way, you’ll find yourself finishing your goal in no time!

Quick bonus tip: Identify obstacles that may hinder or slow you down from accomplishing your goals.  When you’re aware of these potential challenges upfront, you can design a game plan that allows you to overcome these hurdles faster when they show up!


Setting goals is simple . . . making them happen can be difficult.  However, implementing these tips will help you create an atmosphere conducive to success that gets you winning in your objectives.

What are your best tips for having a productive day? Share with us in the comments below.

Much success,

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