Content Marketing: How to Separate Yourself from the Crowd

Content Marketing: How to Separate Yourself from the Crowd

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Great content marketing requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. Do you ever wonder why no one is reading or viewing your content? Are there some ways in which you can motivate, inspire, persuade, and encourage your chosen target market to be drawn to your content?

A wise and competent content marketer possesses comprehensive people skills. They should understand that people learn in one or more of three ways: either through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic stimuli. Sight, sound, or movement. Marketers need to know how to present content that is useful for all three learning styles because not everyone learns in the same way.

Knowing this, how can content marketing meet these three types of learning styles without compromising the message?

Ask yourself if your content is relevant to current trends and your target market. Does your content have a purpose? Nurture and adjust your vision and develop content that teaches, entertains, and drives traffic and sales to your website. Content will be easier to produce if you understand all the variables that you are creating content.

Content that provides value should accomplish whatever it is you intend. Are you a brick-and-mortar appliance repair company? Post do-it-yourself videos on how to do basic repairs. Do you teach yoga? Post yoga videos on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or embed in e-newsletters.

Informed customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers like to share.

Content that answers questions drips in value. People come to the internet with burning questions and they want answers now. Are you prepared to give them what they want? When a viewer enters into search mode with Google, they expect answers forthcoming in less than a second. If a landing page takes too long to load up, searchers will look elsewhere.

The internet contains over 130 trillion pages. Given that, how in the world can anyone write something new under the sun?

Avoiding content saturation becomes a real challenge. For an excellent tool to achieve some element of uniqueness, try Enter the blog topic (keywords) you’re planning to write about into the search window and seconds later you will have hundreds of suggestions to choose from. Open a link that best matches the content you have in mind. You should now have over 9 million results to choose from.

When considering content creation, whether it’s video or text, try to research as closely to the source as possible. Instead of reading what ten other writers have written about a topic, get as close to the primary source as possible. The main reason for researching what other writers have written is to protect against repetition.

Relatable content is current and understood. We are living in the age of information and if you’re older than most of those you are trying to attract, you need to find a way to relate. You might be a retired social engineer who has decided to open an online e-commerce store. If your target market includes millennials, then you need to immerse yourself in that culture. To share relatable content with those who are forty years younger, you need to discover what makes a millennial tick.

What motivates millennials to even get up in the morning? How come millennial men shave, like every two or three days? And who ever thought that men who started to wear their shirts untucked would invoke a following? Share content that others have no trouble relating to. Research should be thorough but does not necessarily need to be comprehensive. How can anyone say everything there is to say about anything in 1,000 words or less? Always load up on more research than what you will need.

Visual content equates to a well-planned landing page. Incorporate some element of your niche or brand that entices visitors to click through to see what spectacular content awaits their attention. A visually appealing website is a website people are going to want to explore. Here are examples of 15 websites that promise to stimulate your imagination.

Social media marketers now have more choices than ever before to share content. Don’t be a black-and-white daily newspaper. Be the National Geographic of your brand and chosen niche. Produce content that has variety. is an example of an online pop-culture publication that shows a wide variety of interesting topics to dip your sense of extravagance into. People satisfy indulgent appetites thanks to sites like and Music history buffs should visit the world-famous Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded most of their music. The preceding sites are offered to show off their strong sense of variety. Variety generates interest.

Don’t be a blind sheep following other blind sheep; come out from among them and be distinct.

How do you separate yourself from the crowd when it comes to your content marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

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