Is Posting Content Frequently Really the Sign of Good Content Marketing?

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7786644786_cb0edd77c1_zThere’s no question that posting frequently is a good characteristic of a content marketing campaign. The only problem comes when businesses post so frequently that the quality of their content starts to suffer.

Let’s say your business currently posts one blog a week. Now, you probably put a lot of thought into that blog, get it proofread, and maybe even edited. That content features original writing and one or two external links to reliable sources.

Do you really think that you could write blogs of that quality every day of the week? The only way that would be feasible is if you have way too much time on your hands or if you hire a copywriter.

The more you post content, the harder it is to maintain its high quality. According to a recent Entrepreneur article, you should only post something if it has substance behind it:

“We’ve heard industry experts and thought leaders holding forth on the importance of active engagement with existing and potential customers on social media. Yes, it’s important to achieve a fair degree of frequency, when it comes to sharing content with your target audience on social media, but frequency or regularity alone won’t cut it for you. Your activities must be backed by substance.”

We often hear marketers brag about how often they post to social media, but we’re not impressed until we actually read that content and evaluate its information. Anyone can write purposeless content and post it to social media every day, but it wouldn’t do anything in terms of advancing your marketing efforts.

So if your goal is to post more frequently, ask yourself how you’re going to come up with so much content. Find a way to keep your content’s quality high before you increase the output.

What do you think? Is quality or quantity more important when it comes to content creation? Let me know in the comments below.

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