The Ultimate Content Creation Checklist

The Ultimate Content Creation Checklist

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Often times marketers struggle with creating compelling and effective content that will drive traffic, generate leads, and produce sales. Content creation is important because it’s the initial bait that brings in targeted, quality prospects into your lead funnel. So whether through video, blog posts, forums, or articles, your content must do just that: build your list!

Regardless of the modality, you can use this checklist to ensure your content is valuable and produces the results you want.

#1 Have Your Goal in Mind

Decide on exactly what you want your content to do. Is your goal to generate a sale? How about a lead? Or perhaps you want to connect your viewers to your social network pages. Know your intentions prior to beginning the creation process.

#2 Build the Bridge

How will you take your content message and transition your market to the goal in mind? You may have to get a bit creative here but the key is to craft a connecting statement that ties the message with your goal.

#3 What’s Your Keyword?

Your keyword determines if your content, whether video or blog post, gets found in the search engines. So it’s important to do keyword research and use proper SEO techniques throughout your message to increase its rankings. Think about what your market is searching for on the Internet when considering different keyword options. Use tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to assist in finding keyword phrases and its competition.

#4 Write Away!

Aim to solve a specific problem your target market has. You see, people search online to figure something out, to do some research, or – you guessed it – to solve a problem. When you share the solution, you will certainly be viewed as an expert in your niche!

Also, remember to be conversational in your message. Even when using SEO methods, find ways to use your keyword while having a flow to your content at the same time. This is an excellent way to build a connection with your audience because they will sense you speaking directly to their pain.

#5 Don’t Forget the Call to Action

This is where a lot of marketers miss the mark; by not telling the viewers what to do next. Use the “bridge” (as shared in step two) and give a specific call to action that leads to your goal in mind. This is how you turn a viewer into a lead!

#6 Wash, Rinse & Repeat

Be sure to revisit your previous articles and videos to check their progress. Are they driving traffic from search engines? Are people in the social networks responding to your content? If not, then change what you’re doing. Perhaps find a keyword that has less competition. Get more in tune with your market to really understand their pains and problems to discuss in your next post.

Marketing is all about testing and tweaking until you find what’s working! If you’re having a hard time discovering the best strategy for you, comment below and we’ll help you out!

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