Welcome to the World of Content Marketing

Welcome to the World of Content Marketing

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For the past couple of weeks my mind has been focused on two things, content marketing and Jurassic World. My mind couldn’t leave these two subjects when brainstorming a blog post idea. It’s almost as if the universe wanted this to happen.

Welcome to the World of Content Creation.

“Dun dun da dun dun da da dun dun dun dun dunnnnn.”

Content Marketing is driven by the ability to connect with the customer. Giving the customer exactly what they’re looking for is good but giving them more than what they’re looking for is the best way to generate sales-ready leads.

Concept Creation: Spare No Expense

You’re creating the ultimate content theme park! Spare no expense when it comes to concept creation. The last thing you want to do is create content that will flop once the park opens! Refer to buyer personas and look at their customer journey. Consult with the client. Make sure the content you are creating is specifically engineered to engage their target market. If you fall in love with the content creation process, the client will notice, but more importantly the customer will notice.

Scheduling Time to Brainstorm

Chances are, you consistently have a busy day. Every minute counts when trying to please multiple clients. Taking time to sit back and get the creative juices flowing can almost feel like you have to slow down for a second. Schedule a specific amount of time to brainstorm these concepts.

Meeting Together As a Team

When in concept creation teams, meet together often to create concepts. Don’t come up with ideas by yourself. Come together as a team and create multiple content concepts. Don’t go the easy route and pick the first thing that comes to your head. As a team, narrow down the best ideas and then go a step further and distill the titles of those concepts. You want to make those titles pop.

Staying Focused

If you schedule a time to concept content ideas, don’t let other things distract you. You may have a million other things going on but if you budgeted your time correctly there should be no reason to get sidetracked. Getting distracted usually leads to taking shortcuts. Shortcuts get you killed in the content marketing jungle. Remember these wise words: don’t go into the long grass.

Genetically Engineering Content Design

You’re creating the ultimate content theme park, not a petting zoo. Creating multiple pieces of content requires world-class design engineers.

Every company has a unique tone and message. You’ll not only want to reflect that when creating a concept to focus on but you’ll also want to show that in the design. For some client’s, their product has to compete in a saturated market. Perfecting the content creation process will help make that content stand out amongst the rest.

If you do everything right, the client will hang that content on their wall. The customers will be drawn to its eye-catching properties. Combining that with a carefully crafted title and pertinent subject matter, and you will have created yourself a genetically engineered piece of super content.

Launching the Campaign: The Park Is Open

When allocating an appropriate amount of time to work together as a team to come up with multiple concept ideas and creating that content with the help of writing and design teams, you should have little to worry about.

The content has been created and now it’s time to maintain the park. There’s no time for mishaps once the campaign is launched. The idea is to not get eaten alive by your customers and clients. Make sure everything is in place before any campaigns are launched. Don’t be hasty and launch things without double-checking everything.

Here are some attractions you may have in your fully functional content marketing theme park:

  • Email Blasts (Apatosaurus): These gentle giants are important because they are so big that lists of content theme park guests can see them from far away.
  • Blogging (Stegosaurus): A dinosaur fan-favorite, these majestic creatures are imperative to driving traffic to your theme park.
  • Case Studies (Triceratops): Built to defend, these impressive specimens can bring validation to the park.
  • Slideshare/Webinars (Spinosaurus): The Spinosaurus is surprisingly sufficient. Catching the eyes and ears of everything around it, this carnivore can qualify those still unsure about the park.
  • Infographics (Velociraptors): The Velociraptor is stunningly brilliant to look at, and is quick to snatch its prey.
  • Whitepapers (Indominus Rex): The Indominus Rex, unlike its relatively more even-keeled relative the T-Rex, is hard-charging and direct. The battles are shorter and he always goes for the kill (or the sale). Oh, and the Indominus Rex is also white.
  • eBooks (T-Rex): This is the King of Content and the main attraction of your content theme park. This is the beefiest and meanest piece of content you have. Every other piece of content surrounds and compliments the eBook.

Bonus Attractions:

  • Social Media (Pteradon): The Pteradon, though small, can cause great devastation in numbers. The Pteranodon does it’s damage by reaching each person individually.
  • Remarketing (Mosasaurus): You never saw that coming did you?! This Mosasaurus eats everything it sees, and is impossible to evade once in its sights. The enormity of its influence can’t be overlooked. You see it once, and you carry the memory of it with you everywhere you go (online).

Once your world-class content marketing theme park is up and running, the guests (sales-ready leads) will come from far and wide to visit!

Do you have any more dinosaur marketing analogies? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Much success,

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