What are the Best Methods for Blogging in a Digital Marketing Campaign?

What are the Best Methods for Blogging in a Digital Marketing Campaign?

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Onsite BloggingDigital marketing encompasses a large plate of things to do to capture the attention of prospective customers. But as common as blogging is, it’s still a vital part of the digital marketing process. However, how you approach blogging has to be looked at in a different way now than we looked at it just five or 10 years ago. With far too many blogs out there, standing out from the crowd is going to be more challenging. The only way around that is to follow some new rules that can at least give you a better chance of being found on the search engines.

Some of these procedures of blogging might surprise you based on how much the old mainstream rules still permeate.

Blogging Regularly Doesn’t Necessarily Generate Traffic

The thought used to be that the more you wrote, the more chances people would find you online or click on you during social media promotion. This isn’t necessarily true if the content isn’t up to snuff. Just writing to fill space isn’t going to bring readers in a time when literally tens of millions of blogs are posted around the clock.

Your best bet is to research keywords that are trending nationwide and wrap your blog subjects around those keywords. This usually involves finding a solution to a problem that relates to what your company sells or what service it does. And that’s always the key to a good blog: Dispensing information or providing insight into a problem people deal with every day.

The Myths on Word Counts

You still see experts say that anywhere from 400 to 600 words is the best course of action in having a substantive blog. You’ve likely discovered that when reading a blog at this length, it doesn’t always add up to true substance. Some bloggers just end up posting blather because they think they have to blog in order to be relevant.

Make sure you have something relevant to say and not worry about word count. It doesn’t matter what the word count is if you can get to the point and post things that people truly care about. Part of this extends to finding the keywords as mentioned above and writing about solving a common issue. With limitless subject matter on solving problems within all fields, you can get inspired to write substantively and without filler.

Promoting Your Blog in the Right Social Media Circles

Going to social media to promote your blog is going to be important, though do you know exactly where your demographics are there? It used to be that promoting on as much social media as possible was the norm. Now it’s picking just one after doing research on where your main demographic hangs out. It may not be Twitter or Facebook. Your focus may have to be on Pinterest instead, or maybe Instagram.

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