Kids today just don’t know how good things were back in the 80’s or 90’s, specifically the toys and fast food places. Sure, they have their iPods and iPhones now, but nothing compares to the cool things that existed back in those days.

In regards to fast food specifically, pre-2000s McDonald’s was probably the best McDonald’s around. Today, McDonald’s is just something that a lot of us stop by for a quick bite. But back in the day, it was on another level.

If you are having trouble remembering or weren’t around during that time, we have 16 photos of McDonald’s from the 80’s and 90’s that will give you some serious flashbacks. It’ll make you miss those days a lot too.

If you were lucky enough to experience McDonald’s in the 80s and 90s, before it decided to rebrand to its current sleeker and more boring version, then these pictures will taste like memories.

1. These Sketchy Guys Were All Over McDonald’S

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No matter what people say, it was fun to hang and swing with that burger-coveting Hamburglar. Although, as a parent myself now, I’m not sure if I’d have still felt the same. Nah. Who am I kidding, my kids can swing with whoever they want so long as I get three seconds to myself to enjoy my burger.

2. Busted!

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But, you know, hanging with someone like Hamburglar will see you in trouble. Keeping us locked up was clearly our parents best friend when it came to eating out at McDonald’s. I’m only sad that I can’t lock my own kids up in  a burger. Also, that nose . . .

3. Ah, nothing like the classic toys.

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Before we had Transformers, we had Changeables. Because nothing says playability like faux Styrofoam food packaging. Who am I kidding? I’m totally dying to get my hands on these again.

4. We can’t forget our favorite clown!

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The photo ops. The Memories. Am I the only one who only remembers this guy looking like the was hosting an entire planet of diseases,—even right after watching someone wipe him down?

While his McDonald cohorts—such as Mayor McCheese and Grimace—became unemployed long ago, rumor has it that Ronald still hangs out at some restaurants, although I haven’t seen him myself recently. Maybe I need to pay better attention?

5. These Fun Nuggets Turned Into Golden Nuggets.

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Here’s how you hook the kids into loving McNuggets. I remember my grandma was obsessed with collecting every, single McDonald’s toy. I always thought she was nuts for collecting all of this junk. But if I’m being honest, looking at these now, I’d love to get my hands on a couple. The toys these days just don’t have the same kind of personality. Maybe she was onto something? I’m sure they’d only cost me a small fortune on eBay.

6. McLasagne

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This was one of the more popular McDonald’s promotions, with the glasses in homes across the country. Do any of you still have your glasses from this?

7. McStyrofoam

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Forget finding these on eBay, as it’s easier to find some of this packaging still floating across the Pacific Ocean. Did any of you guys love chewing on the styrofoam? And did you even McDonald if you didn’t accidentally melt one of these in the microwave at one point.


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Playgrounds and cookies? No wonder McDonald’s was every kids paradise. Sure, McDonalds still has cookies today, but they’re not the same. Especially not without the classic packaging. Can you still name all of these characters?

9. Muppet Babies

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They make their dreams come true and they’ll do the same for you. Especially if you’re still holding on to your own set. This may be the height of Happy Meal toys.

10. Let’s Have Mac, Tonight.

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When the clock strikes half-past six . . .

What are your favorite memories of McDonald’s. Share with us in the comments below!

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