101 Actual Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

101 Actual Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

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“Go where the money is.”

The adage dates back to when money was primarily found in brick-and-mortar locals like banks and stores. Now, however, that money is online, accessible to anyone with a laptop and working internet connection.

We’ve compiled 101 ways to make money online—some as supplemental income and some you can build a career on. Take a look and see how you can start making money from the comfort of your home.

1. Take online surveys.

Got a few spare minutes? Take an online survey and make money while you’re at it. A simple Google search brings up countless survey opportunities, from reviewing daily household products you already use to giving your opinion on pop culture.

To make it even easier, many sites serve as notifiers for when new surveys are available to take. Check out this list for some of the best survey website options.

2. Get paid to search the web.

If you’re looking for a gig to do in your pajamas, then try being a human search engine. Some companies will pay you more than minimum wage to search for errors in their web browsing systems. The only downside? You won’t be getting the same benefits as a typical full-time employee.

On the other hand, you can install web browser tools that simply track the number of searches you make, and sites will pay you a small amount per search. You won’t make enough to have this be a full-time job, but why not get paid for something you already do several times a day?

3. Do some online market trading.

Don’t let stock brokers have all the fun: online market trading is a great way to make money, stay up on current events, and learn more about business. This approach to online money-making will require you to do some research each time you decide to buy or sell, but the payback can be enormous. The best part is you can choose to buy and sell stock in companies that you’re interested in or passionate about.

I’d recommend starting with a group like SureTrader.

If you’re new to the idea of market trading, then you’ll want to put some time into learning how it works before you start giving your dollars away.

4. Start a website.

Do you have a hobby you’d like to write about? Do you make products that would be easy to sell online? Try making a website. The setup process is simple when you use an online template to design the overall format. From there, it can be a fun creative outlet as you decide what you want it to say and look like. Here are a few ideas to make money on your site:

    • Get paid to integrate advertising on your site.
    • Publicize promotions from other companies or bloggers.
    • Sell or review products.
    • Offer consulting services.
    • Become an affiliate seller

5. Be an app user and reviewer.

Ever thought about how many apps are created in a year? While many of them don’t make it to the top page of the App Store’s rankings, developers are always looking for users to test out their ideas and see what features need improvement—and they’re willing to pay. Some might ask you to simply explore the app and tell them about your experience: what you liked, and what you didn’t. Others might ask you to complete specific tasks and monitor your performance. This is both an easy way to make money and a way to stay up on what’s happening in the tech industry. Just think, you could be beta testing the next Instagram!

6. Review websites for money.

For this money-making task, you may be looking at the overall navigation of a website (how easy is it to find the info a customer would look for, is the layout appealing, etc.) or checking for typos and links that aren’t linking. Then you record your feedback and send it to the owner to make improvements. This process is similar to the app testing tip above, just in a different format.

7. Collect and resell Disney Vault movies.

While Disney is a genius at producing classic tales “as old as time,” it’s also a business mastermind when it comes to supply and demand. In order to create more demand and value for its movies, Disney releases a limited amount of copies of a movie. Disney fans then buy and resell the classics for much more than they originally paid. Capitalize on the Disney Vault by investing in a few classics of your own. Down the road, you’ll be able to resell these movies to fellow fans for a nice chunk of change.

8. Join Swagbucks and other sites that pay you to use them as a search engine.

Get paid to shop. We repeat, get paid to shop. Companies like Swagbucks reward you through gift cards and cash back for online shopping.

9. Recycle old cell phones.

Like to help the environment and make money? Recycle your old cell phones. Online, you can gauge how much money you’ll make based on the model and condition of your phone, find a buyer, and ship your phone to them. What better way to compensate for the extra money it will cost for the new iPhone?

10. Sign up for gigs on Fiverr.

Fiverr is the go-to place for freelancers. It’s a great way to dip your toes in if you’re thinking of switching your career up, or just need a little money on the side. Some of the opportunities available on the site include

    • Graphics and Design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Writing and Translation
    • Video animation
    • Music and Audio
    • Programming and Tech
    • Business
    • Fun and Lifestyle (health, crafts, relationships)

11. Be a music reviewer.

If you like writing and you like music, then this is a match made in heaven. Sites will pay you to listen to snippets of songs and record what you think. For those of you who weren’t blessed with the love of words, you can use sites that just ask you to rank how much you like the music. Take some time to figure out which site you want to use—while some will pay you cash, others will pay you in products.

12. Sell college class notes.

In college and strapped for cash? Put all that note-writing to good use (besides studying for tests, of course). It’s a genius idea when you think about the college kids out there who need a tutor but can’t afford one or don’t learn well from their professor’s teaching style—another student’s notes could be the key to their success that semester.

Some students have made up to $4,000 doing this. You can upload study guides, videos, or lecture notes and get paid to help classmates (while they help fund your tuition).

13. Sell old textbooks.

There’s nothing worse for your peace of mind or bank account than paying full price for a book at your university’s bookstore; there’s nothing better than selling your textbooks at the end of a semester. One Google search opens up the world of textbook selling, and there is money to be had. Some sites even offer a buyback comparison, so you can find out which site would be most lucrative to sell from. When in doubt, sell your textbook on Amazon—it’s easy to sell and more visible than other textbook-selling sites.

14. Rent out your parking spot.

This one’s for the city-dwelling people. Chances are, if you live in a big city, then parking is sparse. Make bank by renting out your parking space, and control the hours if you only want it to be available during work hours. Use apps like ParqEx or Craigslist to list your space. Drivers find it a great alternative because it’s usually safer and more convenient than scouring the streets for a random parking spot a mile away from their final destination.

15. Join clinical drug trials.

While a clinical drug trial can’t be fully completed online because you’ll need to go in for initial testing in order to see if you’re an appropriate candidate for the study, finding the most lucrative and applicable trials can be done online. It’s a meaningful way to contribute to the healthcare community and gain potential insight into your own health. Medical schools are a great place to start if you’ve never done a clinical trial before.

16. Participate in a skin study.

Another medically minded opportunity to make money online is through skin studies. Similar to a clinical trial, you can find out if you’re an appropriate candidate by reviewing the requirements online and then applying. You can find testimonials and research online to help you decide if this is a good option for you.

17. Clean out your closet and sell what you don’t like.

Set up your store on Shopify, and start selling. It’s never been easier to sell your clothes . . . or to justify a little shopping spree. A cluttered closet full of pieces you don’t love is wasted space and wasted money. Some sites let you do all the work: pick your clothes, upload pictures of them, set the price, and wait for a buyer to ship them. Others, like Thredup, ask that you send in your clothes and let them do the work.

18. Get paid to watch YouTube videos.

Bored of your usual Netflix options? Watch YouTube videos and TV shows for money. Earn points with sites like Viggle and HitBliss, and get compensated in the form of gift cards and streaming options. With these bad boys, you can watch videos and even TV shows on most platforms when you download their software. They track what you watch and offer extra points for participating in trivia and other forms of engagement.

19. Offer ridesharing.

Ever heard of iCarpool? It’s a way to make money from your smartphone to your car. Another environment-friendly money tip is, apps like these let you set up carpooling at the convenience of your fingertips. Not only is this a great way to have company on long commutes or small road trips, but can also save you mega bucks on gas and miles. Check the app store to find the right carpooling app for your travel needs.

20. Be an Amazon product reviewer.

Between Amazon Prime and the company’s new Echo product, Amazon has got it going on. Amazon Vine is a little-known cherry on top of the mecca that is Amazon. This program is reserved for Amazon’s top product reviewers and is available through invitation only. How do you get an invite? Review, review, review. As you offer credible, genuine reviews on products you buy, your rankings as a reviewer will improve. The top tier of Amazon reviewers regularly receive free products directly from Amazon in exchange for honest reviews.

21. Participate in a sleep study.

Don’t feel guilty for pressing snooze with this money-making tip. Sleep studies are available throughout the year all over the country. Use your trusty Google search bar to find what sleep studies are available in your area and how much compensation the organization is offering. Medical schools are big on this—testing sleep disturbances and patterns. Check out local websites to see if any sleep studies are happening now.

22. Track your purchases for refunds.

Have you ever bought an item at full price, only to see it go on sale a week later? The worst. When you connect a site like Paribus to your email, however, you’ll never have to worry about missing a discount again. Once you connect the app to your email and have receipts sent to your email (rather than printed or sent to your phone), the site monitors opportunities for discounts and files a price adjustment claim for you.

23. Let a company track your emails.

Companies like InboxDollars will pay you just for reading emails—I repeat—just for reading emails. They’re helping advertisers, which means they’re tracking clicks, views, and other forms of engagement. Other sites like CashCrate send you emails and pay you to read and click on the links within the email. Just be sure you do your research before signing up for these sites—you want to make sure they’re legitimate companies.

24. Let a company track your internet searches.

Two hundred bucks a year may not sound like a lot, but it adds up over time. That’s about what you’ll get for letting companies track your internet searches. Sites like SmartPanel pay you to browse in order to collect data for market research purposes. For most sites like this, you’re only required to download an app or browser tool, complete an initial survey or sign-up form, and let your searches do the work.

25. Open a savings account.

When you open a new savings or checking account, chances are your bank is going to provide a few initial perks. These perks can include bonuses, cash-back incentives, and regular deposit incentives. And don’t forget about the interest that will slowly, but steadily, accumulate within that new account.

26. Be a restaurant reviewer.

Would you consider yourself a foodie? Then get paid to eat! Research publications looking for restaurant reviews and submit your writing. It’s a great excuse to eat out, put your writing skills to use, and try new foods.

If you’re a frequent Yelp user, then this tip is for you. If you find yourself wanting to work your way up the Yelp ranks to reach the status of Yelp Elite, in which you get exclusive invites and free meals, then take a few tips from the pros. “Since there’s no specific guideline as far as the number of reviews you must have written,” says Business Insider, “most Elites agree that when it comes to being chosen for this exclusive group or reviewers, quality always trumps quantity.”

27. Get paid to lose weight.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate fitness challenge opportunity or a way to stay motivated for your fitness purposes, HealthyWage has what you need. The company lets you design your own weight loss bet, realizing that small cash rewards can play a big role in personal wellness motivation. You set your bet based on how many pounds you want to lose, determine your exact price based on how much time you need to complete your goal, and then you begin your weight loss journey. It’s a great way to involve friends and coworkers in a little friendly competition and rewards you monetarily for all the hard work you’ve put into getting fit.

28. Turn in grocery receipts for rebates.

Who doesn’t love a good cash-back system, especially without having to sign up for a new credit card? With Ibotta, you can save money in three easy ways:

    • Submit a photo of your receipt.
    • Link a loyalty account.
    • Make mobile in-app purchases.

With each of these tasks, you unlock rebate opportunities and get rewarded in cash—just for grocery shopping.

29. Be a software tester.

Sites like Testbirds compensate you for trying out new software on the market. You’ll get paid for the initial testing, plus bonus compensation for any bugs you find. They only require that you have a smart device, and from there you can test games, apps, websites, and other platforms releasing new technology.

30. Sell CDs, DVDs, video games, and electronics.

Similar to getting paid to clean out your closet, Decluttr pays you to clean out your desk full of outdated games and old movies. The site asks you to enter the barcode of whatever you’re trying to sell, adds up the totals of each of your items, and walks you through the selling rules. Then you pack ALL your items into one box, print your free shipping label, and send it to one of Decluttr’s outlets.

31. Sell your smartphone photos.

You can sell any picture you’ve taken on your smartphone by using Foap, a free app. Simply install the app, register for an account, and upload any pictures you want to the Foap marketplace. Every time someone purchases your photo, you make $5. Remember, Foap does have to approve your picture before making it available on the marketplace. However, once it’s approved, just sit back, relax, and watch as you make money off your photos.

32. Sign up for gift card promotions.

Often, retailers will offer gift card promotions that add more value to your gift cards. Take advantage of this opportunity to save up a bit of money on the side.

33. Be a mystery shopper.

Many organizations nowadays use mystery shoppers—or anonymous individuals—to check out products and services and see how they’re performing. Mystery shoppers are sent to do their shopping or eat, and then they report back their experience. They can be paid anywhere between $40 and $300—and the organization will reimburse you for your expenses! Often, you can even keep the products you are asked to buy.

34. Help a company name itself.

By using the website SquadHelp.com, you can suggest names for companies and get paid if your suggestion is selected. It works when a company starts a contest to name itself. The company will take suggestions from creatives all over the globe and then offer ratings so you know how to improve your suggestions. Then they select a winning name suggestion, and if that suggestion is yours, you get paid!

35. Sort through trash for treasures.

You’d be surprised how many valuable things get thrown or given away, all because owners mistake them for junk! But if you sort through that junk carefully, you may come across something you can resell for good money on eBay and Etsy. Check out inexpensive antique shops, flea markets, and thrift stores like Savers and Goodwill, and spend some time sorting through trash to find the treasure.

36. Become an online tutor.

Instead of worrying about tutoring face to face, you can tutor anyone in the world by using online tutoring websites. The website Udemy allows you to set up a tutoring course for any subject and get paid when users utilize it. And for one-on-one tutoring, you can use Superprof, SchoolsTrader, and UK Tutors. Get started by using this guide to making money as a private tutor.

37. Rent out your apartment for one night or a weekend.

There are several existing apps and sites, like Airbnb or VRBO, that allow you to rent your apartment or home. You set the price and the availability, then list it on the site. Airbnb even offers a $100,000 guarantee that protects you from any damage that may happen in your home.

38. Be a pet massage therapist.

Whether you consider yourself a pet massage therapist or not, you can get paid up to $50 to pet cats and dogs. Just quickly learn some massage techniques, find someone who has a tense cat or dog, and earn a bit of money for yourself. If you’re an animal lover, this money-making method is for you!

39. Become a professional dog walker.

Instead of sitting around all day, you can get paid to walk other people’s dogs. This is big business because during the day while owners are at school and work, they need someone to take care of their dogs. You can make around $8 per dog for every hour you walk them. Check out Tailster to be matched up with dog owners near you.

40. Make money writing slogans.

Write slogans for up-and-coming companies by going to sites like Slogan Slingers and entering contests. Companies will create contests and registered writers will submit their entries. If the company selects your entry, you get paid! The company determines how much the prize money is, so payment varies.

41. Get paid to review or recap television shows.

If you love movies, then this is your gig. It can be difficult to find consistent review opportunities, but a good place to offer reviews or recaps is through marketing agencies. You’ll typically watch parts of a movie or TV show and then answer questions about it. One marketing agency that conducts a lot of movie-related surveys is SurveySpot.

42. Write letters for a grassroots advocacy group.

Instead of annoying everyone on your social media platforms with political posts, channel those political opinions into writing letters for a grassroots advocacy group. Next Wave Advocacy, LCC , and DDC Advocacy are two groups that will pay you to write letters to members of Congress. These groups run political campaigns on issues like healthcare, energy, defense, and taxes. They are looking for people to call constituents or advocates who are interested in these relevant issues. It’s a great way to get paid and work on issues that matter to you

43. Let Google track your apps.

Turns out that Google will pay you to install their app so they can collect data from your phone. That data is collected to help companies better understand web and mobile analytics: What times do people browse the most? How long do they stay on certain websites or use apps? Install apps like Smart Panel, ShopTracker, or MobileXpressions (for Android) to earn a fair amount of money.

44. Look for funky currency.

Specifically, look for dollar bills with unusual serial numbers. Collectors at CoolSerialNumbers are willing to pay $100 to $2500+ for bills with rare serial numbers, so pull out your wallets and double-check! Some of the serial number patterns that will get you the big bucks include seven repeating digits in a row (e.g., 09999999, 77777774), seven of a kind (e.g., 00020000, 77777177), super repeaters (e.g., 67676767), and double quads (e.g., 00001111). But there are more valuable patterns too, so check to see if your dollar bills could be exchanged for hundreds!

45. Get paid to answer trivia questions about your favorite TV show.

We all have that one movie or TV show that we just love and can’t shut up about, to the point of annoying everyone around us. Now you can get paid to answer trivia about those movies and TV shows! Just sign up with RewardTV. This website will pay you to answer trivia questions about the television shows you watch, including SNL, Game of Thrones, Vikings, and so many more. Sign up with an account if you’re interested in winning $10–$20 a month.

46. Scan your groceries.

Grocery shopping can be a cumbersome task, but now, instead of spending all your money at the grocery store, you can start making a little bit of money. Just install the NCP Mobile app on your phone and then either ask to have a free scanner sent to you or use your smartphone to scan the barcodes on the items you purchase. As you scan items, you earn reward points. You can later redeem those points for electronics, toys, jewelry, and just about everything else! And, the longer you use NCP Mobile, the more frequently you’ll be entered into sweepstakes with prizes like cash, cars, vacations, and more.

47. Pick up some freelance writing.

Freelancing can get competitive, but if you find loyal clients, you can easily earn five figures per month. You can start today without any up-front investments—you just have a network like crazy! Freelance writing positions include writing blog posts, articles, ebooks, print books, brochures, newsletters, booklets, reports, advertising copy, press releases, and more. You can start looking for clients who might need help on Blog Hands, Upwork, Textbroker, or Guru.

48. Find a work-at-home company.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be your own employer—from home? Well, now you can. Get paid to work independently from home by using sites like Crowdsource, Demand Studios, Fast Chart, and Leapforce. Enjoy having no commute and working around a flexible schedule while being guaranteed hourly pay.

49. Track quick jobs available nearby.

The app Field Agent is great for finding quick jobs in your location and getting paid to do them. Completing tasks on Field Agent helps businesses improve how they serve their customers. To start, simply download the app, create an account, and search for available jobs nearby. Once you select a task, you are given two hours to complete it, so make sure you’re close enough to get the job done!

50. Sell your old laptop.

You can easily sell a laptop by going to cashyourlaptop.com. Once you navigate to the page, select which type of device you’d like to sell, add a description, pack and ship it (for free!), and then get paid with a check or with PayPal.

51. Participate in online contests.

It’s time to get paid for online contests by using CashCrate. You sign up for free and start earning money from there! Get paid to complete surveys, join free websites, and participate in online contests. Participants have made hundreds of dollars doing this! Plus, once you tell a friend about CashCrate, you can increase your revenue. Payments are sent out with a check at the end of every month.

52. Turn in old, unused gift cards for cash.

If you don’t want to use up old gift cards, sell them on exchange sites to make some money. Sites like Raise, CardPool, and Gift Card Granny all specialize in buying and selling unused or unwanted gift cards at discounted rates. The selection and discounts vary, but you can still make a fair bit of money selling old gift cards.

53. Be a translator.

Knowing another language definitely counts for something! If you know a foreign language well enough, you can use your knowledge to translate documents, files, conversations, and basically anything else that may need a translator. You can make some pretty serious money by doing this! Check out proz.com to find opportunities to translate.

54. Do some online customer service.

Often, computer users will use Q&A sites to have their questions answered. You can help these online customers by giving them quick, personalized answers, especially if you’re an expert in any particular field. And of course, you get paid for answering their questions. Check out sites like Live Person and Just Answer to get started.

55. Sell handmade products.

People all over the world love finding unique handmade products, so handmade products are always in high demand! If you know how to sew, paint, craft, or create in any way, take a look at online marketplaces to help you sell your work. Some of the most popular marketplaces include Etsy, Craigslist, eBay, ArtFire, and Zazzle.

56. Explore video marketing.

Video is one of the best ways to show ideas, communicate, and provide entertainment, so naturally, you can make some big bucks with this business opportunity. The key is making sure your videos provide value for whoever watches—otherwise, people lose interest and move on. Build up your following on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Metacafe , and then send that traffic wherever you need or want.

57. Flip websites.

Site flipping is basically like web real estate. Buy sites at a low price and then flip them up to 100x their original price to make some good money. However, don’t just expect sites to improve on their own. It’s important to generate more traffic and profit from the site to drive up its value. And remember, it’s easier to flip a site that’s already earning a consistent amount than it is trying to improve a site that looks like it has potential. Look at sites like Flippa and Website Broker to get started.

58. Buy up domains and resell them.

Domains, or website addresses, have many different extensions (.com, .net, etc.), and some are more valuable than others. Every once in a while, premium domain names can sell for millions! You can get some money in your pocket with some searching. Just make sure that once you find available domain names with some commercial value, get them quickly and list them for sale on sedo.com.

59. Build email lists then sell them.

Websites with lots of traffic and responsive subscribers benefit from email lists. So if you run a website similar to this, forget about trying to make money with banner ads. Instead, turn to your loyal following. To do that, connect with an email provider that collects emails, organizes lists, and makes sure it’s easy for subscribers to unsubscribe when they want. Get started by looking at MailChimp, GetResponse, and VerticalResponse.

60. Join an investing club.

Join an investing club like Lending Tree to be involved in peer-to-peer lending services and to make 15 percent off the interest rate on your microloans. It’s not a lot, but it’s a great way to passively gain money online. It is one of the riskiest ways to make money online; however, it can pay off. Check out Lending Club, Prosper, and Scottrade to join an investing club today.

61. Become a virtual assistant.

If you have plenty of office skills, but you cannot use them in a traditional administrative setting, picking up work as a virtual office assistant may be a great option. Sites like Upwork and Zirtual post jobs with varying experience requirements.

62. Be an official pizza rater.

Do you pride yourself on your discerning deep dish tastes? Then, trendsource.net needs your help rating local pizza venues and their product. Your opinion could mean five dollars for you and a free pizza.

63. Do data entry.

If your strongest skill is wicked-fast typing, then online data entry projects may be a great way for you to generate some money. Upon application approval, sites like Clickworker offer data entry and small secretarial jobs.

64. Work for Amazon.

Amazon relies on its brand to look its best and provide accurate product information. However, maintaining the millions of products that are posted every day can be a challenge. By visiting Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can help update photos, descriptions, and product inquiries, among other tasks. Keep in mind, that these aren’t highly valued tasks, but with some commitment, they can add up.

65. Become an online travel site expert.

Are you a master at navigating Expedia or Travelocity? Then you have skills that people are willing to pay for.

66. Be part of an online focus group.

Sites like Proopinion.com collect data for content covering a variety of topics. By participating in weekly surveys, you are helping build survey results data. It’s easy to sign up, and it’s all done online.

67. Be an online gamer.

Admit it. You’ve played your share of online games. You’re probably taking a break from playing one right now. What if you could get paid for the time you spend playing online games? Sites like CashDazzle and LaLaLoot offer daily prizes or cash.

68. Be an online bookkeeper.

Wait, don’t you need a degree for that? Truthfully, there are many tax work and bookkeeping duties that don’t require schooling. All you need are some savvy computer skills, a mind for math, and a willingness to work with people.

69. Be a search engine evaluator.

How many times have you searched for the best price on toilet paper and ended up on a site for ski deals in the Midwest? Those occurrences are what search engine companies like Bing, Google, and Yahoo are willing to pay people to find. Many search engine evaluators make from $12 to $15 per hour.

70. Be an online juror.

For big cases, some attorneys test their case on a pre-trial basis. On sites like eJury, participants submit their verdicts for payment. Most participants make $5 to $10 per case, depending on the length of the trial.

71. Try flea market flipping.

Like they always say, someone’s trash can be someone’s treasure. Online technology makes it easier than ever to promote and sell your newly redesigned creations. Sites like Etsy offer a hugely popular platform to build your online business of re-furnished or homemade treasures.

72. Return used printer cartridges.

Most office supply stores offer mail-in or online rebate programs for used ink cartridges. Just register online, print out the shipping label to mail used cartridges, and then wait for the rebates to roll in.

73. Sell your junk mail.

Finally! We’ve found some value in the piles of junk mail that fill our mailbox every day. A company called Small Business Knowledge Center, which conducts market research studies, wants to know what you get in the mail, and they are willing to pay you for it.

74. Make lists.

Can you think of ten ways to get gum out of your hair or ten ways to balance a pencil on your leg? The site TopTenz wants to know about it. As a site dedicated to providing top-ten lists about just about anything, they will pay you for your content. The pay rate is typically $50 per accepted list. I can think of ten reasons why this is a cool thing.

75. Get paid to find coupons.

As a popular source for digital coupons, Couponchief is willing to pay you to help them search for the best coupon deals around. If a browser uses your posted coupon, you get a two percent commission on the sale price.

76. Give advice.

If you have knowledge and wisdom to share, based on your experience, sites like Ether and JustAnswer want your guidance and expertise.

77. Get paid to tweet.

If you’ve developed a sizeable following, you can get paid to tweet for companies. Sites like PaidperTweet will pay you to promote the latest news or products for companies.

78. Create a podcast.

Are you well-versed on certain topics? Share your knowledge through a podcast.

79. Be a web designer.

As cloud technologies become more mainstream, transferring large files is easier than ever. As a result, web design can be a remote and profitable business. Sites like Payscale will help you get started.

80. Sell photos.

Although their standards are specific, once you’ve mastered the guidelines, submitting photos through Shutterstock or Flickr for use is a fun and profitable pastime.

81. Be a transcriptionist.

If you’re a good listener and a great typist, there are job opportunities for transcribing audio files to readable content. Upwork is a great starting point for introductory projects.

82. Do personal online shopping.

You can find some great deals online—IF you know how to navigate. For those who want a great deal, but aren’t familiar with searching for the best sites, you’re skills can come to the rescue! For a fee, you can handle groceries, clothing, trips, holiday shopping, etc.

83. Deliver customer service.

Many companies now welcome live chat service for their customers, and most of the staff covering that service is based remotely. From retail to airlines, the need for customer service reps is ongoing.

84. Design party templates.

Was your son’s birthday party so extraordinary you saw complete strangers stop and take photos? You may be able to capitalize on that ability to plan awesome parties. Why not design party plans for customers? Etsy is a great platform to promote and sell your ideas for a spectacular event.

85. Prepare wedding vows.

For those who love their partner but don’t know how to express their feelings on that special day, you can come to the rescue by converting their feelings into sentimental wedding vows. You can expand your service to include graduation, retirement, funeral, or anniversaries.

86. Plan matchmaking parties.

Most people want to meet new friends, but they lack the time or creativity to plan something special. By setting up a site and then promoting an event you can charge guests to attend a scheduled event and find their eternal companion, or at least a date for the following weekend.

87. Lend your voice.

Have people ever complimented you on your speaking voice? Voiceover work can be lucrative, and with the right equipment, you can do it all from home. It can be a little pricey to get started, but sites like suchavoice and Global Digital Divide will walk you through the process to get your voice out there.

88. Drive for Uber.

Uber is an increasingly popular way to both get to where you’re going and make extra cash on the side. The application process is all online, after which you decide when you’re available to drive.

89. Write resumés and cover letters.

“Yeah, great advice. That’s Job Hunt 101.” Well, while you should already have your own resumé prepared and write a cover letter for every application you do, the fact is that it can be tough for those who don’t feel as eloquent on the page. If you’re one of those lucky enough to find the application process a breeze, offer your services in writing resumés and cover letters for the less linguistically fortunate. Check out sites like ResumeEdge and WriterBay for job opportunities.

90. Help a bride out.

The happiest day of your life can also be a stressful one, and the same goes for the days or even weeks leading up to it. That’s why so many couples turn to wedding planners to alleviate the stress so they can enjoy their day unburdened. As long as you’ve got a phone, a computer, and a knack for organization, most wedding planning can be done from home.

91. Get into affiliate marketing.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other brands’ products and making a commission every time your efforts lead to a sale. There are plenty of sites giving instructions on how to get started, but you’re going to be left largely to your own devices on this one. This can mean running ads on your website to hosting product reviews, but you’re left in charge of the execution. The nice thing about this is that for the most part, you can continue about your business as you were before, uninterrupted by the advertising.

92. Become a social media consultant.

Do you have more Twitter followers than people you follow? Do your Pinterest pins get shared and re-shared? If you consider sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as a digital home away from home, companies may be looking for your talents. Social media is still relatively new in the world of business, and companies need people who can tweet, post, and pin in a way that gets noticed. Include links to all of your social media accounts on your resumé so employers know where to find you.

93. Sell beauty products.

It’s been a while since Avon came calling at your door, and companies like Alcone at Home have moved their service online. This is another route that requires you to set up your website, but the company will provide you with a starter kit to get the ball rolling.

94. Search a family tree.

If you’ve already searched your tree from leaf to root, consider helping someone else out with those skills. Plenty of people want to know more about their family tree, and plenty of them are willing to pay someone else to do the research for them. Other people have already made a living looking into other families. Set up your website and get started.

95. Plan dates.

Weddings aren’t the only things that need planning. Sometimes a first date can be just as stressful, and it’s natural to stress over planning the perfect evening. What restaurant is casual enough to have fun and yet classy enough to impress? What activities can you do in the winter as opposed to the summer? There are so many questions to ask and answer that it shouldn’t be surprising that some people have started outsourcing that job as well. How much you charge will depend on your specific clientele (a college student won’t be able to pay as much as a retired widower), so there’s plenty to take into consideration.

96. Sell your hair.

Usually, when you cut your hair, it’s going straight into the barber’s trash. That’s inches or even feet of lost potential in every wastebasket. The best hair extensions and wigs are made from real human hair, and some people are willing to pay top dollar for hair that has been properly cared for. Sites like HairSellon and BuyandSellHair put people with hair in touch with those who want it, and some of those locks sell in the hundreds or higher.

97. Become a coach.

Do you have wisdom built from life experience? Sites like CoachUp can use that. You can sign up online to work with athletes. Depending on your level of involvement, you can meet in person or do everything through the computer.

98. Be a financial planner.

With most transactions being digital these days, you don’t need to see the cash to count it. All you need is your computer.

99. Make a video game.

The Console Wars of the 90s are far behind us, and while Nintendo, Playstation, and Microsoft are still the major contenders, independent game developers have carved their own space in online gaming. Steam is especially kind to developers, many of whom work out of their own homes. GameMaker is one engine to consider if you want to start experimenting.

100. Write a grant.

No, not for yourself. Hospitals, universities, and other organizations regularly have to apply for grants, and all of that writing can be intimidating for someone whose expertise lies elsewhere. Many grant writers are now working from home and making upwards of $45,000.

101. Write your novel.

Making it big doesn’t take being F. Scott Fitzgerald. Amazon Kindle offers self-publishing services so that you can finally get your magnum opus published and read online, earning up to 70 percent royalty.

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