19 Creative Ideas for Gingerbread Houses

19 Creative Ideas for Gingerbread Houses

Like Christmas wreaths and light decorations, gingerbread houses are holiday art that can be either really simple and pretty or extravagant, time-consuming, and spectacular. Either way, making & decorating a gingerbread house takes patience and ingenuity, especially if you want to enter into a gingerbread competition. For inspiration, here are nineteen creative ideas to help […]

Carpet Care 101: Proper Care to Extend Your Carpet’s Life

Carpet Care 101: Proper Care to Extend Your Carpet’s Life

Have you just replaced your carpets? Did the shock to your wallet suddenly motivate you to take extra good care of your new carpet so that you don’t have to replace it again any time soon? A new carpet is a substantial investment that can last many years if maintained properly. Proper care and cleaning […]

Americans Spend the Equivalent of 4 Days Every Year Looking for Things

American’s Spend the Equivalent of 4 Days Every Year Looking for Things

Have you ever put off organizing or cleaning a part of your home because you felt like you didn’t have time for it? Well, if you’ve done that, you’re not helping anyone. Are you achieving your dreams or accomplishing all you are capable of? Probably not. Think of all the creative energy you waste by […]

13 Ways to Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs

ways to recycle and upcycle diy old milk cartons

Plastic milk jugs are so common in the U.S. that anything you make with them is free. They’re especially handy to use for homemade crafts and projects for kids since they can be easily replaced if damaged. Some people even use them for their pets to make plastic hides for reptiles or disposable little boxes […]

Curtains or Blinds: Which Is Best Suited for Your Home Office?

Curtains or blinds: Which are best suited for your home office?

When it comes to choosing window treatments for the home office, many people have issues deciding whether curtains or blinds are a better option. Truth be told, both of these options are great. However, if your room doesn’t get enough natural light, blinds are more suitable because they feature lighter colors and the materials are […]

The Top 10 Absolute Best Found Footage Movies Ever Made

Are you a fan of movies that keep it real? Found footage films are just for you. Here is a compilation of the best found footage movies out there. 1. Blair Witch Project The movie that massively popularized found footage. The scares in this movie are famously suggestive, to the point of never showing the […]

Colt Defender Pistol BB Gun Tactical Review

The Colt Defender Pistol sold on Amazon is produced by Colt, the world’s most famous firearm manufacturer. However, the one sold in the online store is just a replica of the real thing. Instead of bullets, it uses BB rounds. Replica guns are a great option for self-defense because they typically look real enough that most […]

Best SALT Self-Defense Gun (Non-Lethal)

With so many choices for self-defense weapons available on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best one. But if you’re looking for something more modern, you may want to consider the best salt self-defense guns. There are a few variations of this gun but the one thing they have in common […]