Why Your Thought Leadership is More Important Than Your Writing Ability

Why Your Thought Leadership Is More Important Than Your Writing Ability

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We’ve heard just about every excuse there is explaining why business owners don’t practice content marketing. The worst of them all is when they say they won’t create content because they can’t write well.

Thought leadership plays a bigger role in content marketing than your writing skills. When consumers see your posts on social media, they’re more interested in your content than they are in your writing ability. As long as your thoughts are clear and intelligible, your thought leadership should take over.

Nevertheless, content creation intimidates many business owners. According to a recent Forbes article, however, content marketing is important in terms of establishing yourself as a thought leader:

“Claiming that you’re an awful or unenthusiastic writer doesn’t let you off the hook for content creation. Insightful articles and blog posts — even speaking engagements — validate you as a thought leader in your industry and lead to more sales and business opportunities. Once I got over my content hump, our credibility soared among prospects and peers, and major clients even told us that our content persuaded them to sign on.”

Saying you can’t practice content marketing because you’re not a good writer is the same as saying that you can’t manage your finances because you’re not good at math. Both processes are essential to your business, and it doesn’t do any good to make excuses.

What you should really be focusing on in your content creation is your thought leadership. You need to demonstrate to consumers that you’re knowledgeable about your industry and that you keep informed of current trends.

Don’t get caught up in the fine details of the writing process if it hinders your content creation. Instead, focus on thought leadership and just write your thoughts in a clear way. As long as consumers understand your point, you’ll be alright.

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