How to Take Dogs on Vacation

how to take your dog on vacation

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It’s understandable we want to bring our furry friends with us on vacation, but it’s also important to follow the proper protocol so our pooches enjoy the vacation as much as we do. If you want to include your dog on your next vacation, be sure to follow these helpful hints.

Do a Dry Run

Planning on taking Fido on a long car ride? Don’t start the process by immediately subjecting your pup to an eight-hour car ride. Give your little guy a couple of dry runs where he’s able to experience what it is like to be cooped up in the car for a long period of time. This allows you to avoid any of the unpleasantness associated with dogs who are not ready to go for long trips.

Buckle Up!

Dogs love to ride without a seat belt so they can stick their heads out of the window and feel as if they’re co-piloting your journey. But this is incredibly dangerous and could result in your dog not making it home in one piece. If you decide to bring your dog with you on vacation, make sure the animal is restrained at all times. Tens of thousands of car accidents take place each year, due to unrestrained animals in the front seat.

Make Sure Your Dog is Fit to Travel

Whether you are driving or flying with your dog, it’s important to make sure they’re in proper shape to do so. A dog that is either too small or too old may not have what it takes to handle a long trip. A dog that is not in peak health or has physical ailments may also not be able to come with you on vacation.

Do Your Homework

Some airlines may not allow pets in any way, shape, or form. Other airlines may charge exorbitant fees for your dog to fly. Your pet may also have the option to fly as checked baggage and some airlines could charge extra for your pooch to sit in the cabin. Knowing the specific rules and regulations of your chosen airline can save you from an uncomfortable conversation at the airport.

Relax Your Pooch

Spoiler alert: Your dog may want to come with you, right up until the moment the plane takes off. Dogs are naturally frightened of flying, so it’s important to lay the groundwork beforehand. Leading up to the flight, use relaxation scents when feeding and walking your dog to get them used to the smell. Use these scents before boarding the plane and before takeoff to keep the pup’s nerves calm.

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