Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Dog Owner

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Dogs and dog owners have a lot more resemblance than some people think. There are some things that people should know about dating someone who has a dog.

1. Resemblance – Sometimes this can be more than just a facial thing. It usually goes much deeper. When someone finds a dog they want to take home, it is usually because of some characteristic they find endearing. However, the person they are dating can find it very annoying, and dog owners, like most dogs, are loyal to their pets.

2. Odors – Dog owners, like cigarette smokers, tend to become accustomed to the smell of their animals. Sometimes it can really be quite offensive. I have had good friends who really got mad at me for pointing it out, but always valued truth in a friendship, so I had to say it. Again, the loyalty of dog owners may surprise you.

3. Relationships – Not every dog will accept new people readily. Some of them are very jealous of their owners and will keep their space with new people. You can be as warm as you want, but the dog may never take up with you. Then if you and your date ever decide to live together, you have a ready-made problem.

4. Territory – Some dogs feel the need to mark their territory. So when you show up at your date’s house, don’t be too surprised to find something personal you left lying around, or maybe even one of your legs, getting doused with some fresh ‘marking’.

5. Staring – A lot of dogs feel intruded upon by newcomers. They feel as though their space is being invaded, and their job is to protect everyone from the new guy or girl. They will lay with their eyes directly on you and watch every move you make like they are just waiting for the opportunity to put you in your place.

6. Threats – It could be that your date’s dog may be the biggest threat to your entire relationship. Dogs can be as moody and temper-mental as any human. If you cannot find a way to win the dog over, you may find yourself dating someone else really soon.

7. Patience – On a more positive note, a dog owner who is good to their dog shows patience and a loving nature. If the three of you can spend time together laughing and relaxing, then you are off to a really good start.

8. Sense of Humor – Many dog owners love to watch their dogs and find their antics irresistible. That type of understanding and sense of humor can transition over to you as well. You could find that your date has the kind of laid-back attitude you want in a person.

9. Relationship Building – One of the things about a person who loves their dog, is that they’re constantly working on getting closer to them. They buy them toys, look for foods they like the best, and genuinely enjoy caring for them. That makes them prime candidates for serious relationships.

10. Pleasers – A dog owner is a natural pleaser. They want to keep things on an even keel and like for things to be pleasant. They work on it in their relationship with their dog. They are a lot less likely to be short-tempered and fly off the handle at the slightest thing. That could make them a ‘keeper’.

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