The Benefits of Dog Ownership

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ActiveWhile some may wonder about the true benefits of an apple a day, there are also many benefits to having an animal in your life every day. Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences a human being can be part of, and the benefits have been proven time and again.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of dog ownership.

1. Instant Icebreaker

There’s an extra incentive for single people to regularly go on walks with their dogs and take them to the dog park. A dog can serve as an instant icebreaker, making the meet-and-greet process all the more simple. You don’t even need to have the dog with you to spark a conversation, as the dog can still serve as the conversational piece if they are not present.

2. Healthier Heart

Studies have found that many dog owners experience decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These factors are very important when it comes to warding off heart attacks, which makes dog ownership increasingly beneficial to one’s long-term health.

3. Leading a More Active Lifestyle

When you are lacking the motivation to finally get up off that couch and shed those unwanted pounds, your dog can serve as the perfect motivational tool. A dog needs as much walking as you can give it, which makes it the perfect companion for exercise. Your dog is never going to pass up an opportunity to exercise so that they can be lazy and watch television instead. As a matter of fact, they will be the ones hounding you to go outside and get some much-needed exercise, especially when you have been slacking.

4. Less Selfishness and Sadness

Having another living creature who depends on you for sustenance is a great way to learn that the world doesn’t totally revolve around you and your bad days. Dogs are a great way to beat the blues and realize that this world is bigger than our own petty problems. Dogs are proven to boost our overall moods and provide us with great joy. This is the reason why so many nursing homes keep these amazing creatures on hand.

5. Decrease in Allergies

We get it: Cuddling a dog may seem counterproductive to combating the onset of allergies. However numerous studies have found that having a dog in the home is linked to a decrease in the onset of allergies. Children who are exposed to animals early in life tend to have much stronger immune systems and develop fewer allergies.

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