Tips for Keeping Your Dog in a Kennel

Dog kept in nice home kennel

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Many pet owners stress with the thought of putting their pet into a kennel. Often, they feel their pets will be unhappy during their time away from home and away from their families. Here are some easy tips on feeling more at ease with the kennel you choose for your pet and being more comfortable with your choice.

Reputable Kennels

Firstly, be sure and ask for recommendations on reputable kennels in your area. It doesn’t hurt to speak to friends, family, fellow pet owners and even your vet, on which kennel they have used and if they can recommend one to you. Ask a lot of questions on how their experience was with a specific kennel – find out if their pet was happy and healthy when they returned, and whether or not they were they with the kennel facility and staff.

Do your Homework

Secondly, once you have a kennel in mind, pay them a visit. Ask for a tour of the facility and take a look at the pets that are being kenneled, are they healthy, do the pets look happy and do they have sufficient space to run around? These are important points when choosing a kennel you will be comfortable with and feel safe about leaving your pet. You want the kennel you choose to have a friendly and competent staff to watch over your pet, this will make you feel at ease when putting your pet into a kennel for any given amount of time. Be sure the facility you choose has sufficient space for the pets to run around, play and also have their space to rest, eat and play. If your pet enjoys playing with others, it is important to ask how much association the pets have with each other and will they be separated when it comes time to eat or rest. It’s important for you to feel that your pet will be happy while staying at the kennel and will help with your comfort level, each time you decide to use a kennel.


Finally, a healthy and safe kennel starts with cleanliness. Be sure the kennel is clean and sanitary and not over crowded. When too many pets are in one area, it can promote spreading of disease if it is not properly maintained. Pets need to have clean areas to rest, eat and play.

Be sure the kennel you choose fits all of the above criteria, it will alleviate the stress of leaving your pet and will help you feel comfortable and confident on the choice you make for your pet. Investing some extra time on researching the kennel will assure that your pet will be happy and healthy when returning home and will help you feel comfortable as well. If you follow all the steps keeping a dog in a kennel for a few days should be a relatively stress free process.

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