8 Good Reasons to Brew Your Own Beer

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1. It’s Cheaper Than Buying It

If you like good, craft beers, then brewing it yourself is definitely cost effective. It will require an initial investment on equipment. The equipment can be kept small and simple, depending on how much you are willing to do for yourself. If you purchase a kit, it can be as low as $20. Producing a good quality beer at home will most certainly be cheaper than buying a similar quality beer at the store. Once you have all of the initial equipment, the cost to continue brewing is very reasonable.

2. You Can Experiment with More Flavors

Brewing your own beer gives you the freedom to add any flavor you choose. If you are into hoppy beers, you can experiment adding different amounts and kinds of hops. There are even rare varieties of hops available that are not common in commercially brewed beers. Other ingredients include chocolate and coffee for stouts or gingerbread spice for a seasonal variation.

3. You Decide What Goes In

Because it is your beer, you decide exactly what ingredients you put in it and what quality. You could make your beer organic if you choose and cut out any allergens you may have. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any additional and unwanted chemicals or preservatives added to many commercial beers.

4. You Can Impress Your Friends

There’s no doubt about it, sharing your homemade brew with your friends is very impressive and fun. Your friends will probably enjoy learning about how you made it and a good home brew can be an absolute delight. (You know, unless it’s a batch gone wrong.) Homemade beers also make great, personal gifts.

5. You Will Learn A Lot

By trying out different recipes, and even figuring out what went wrong in the batches that turn out not-so-great, you will get a new appreciation for beer. You will learn how different ingredients taste and combine to produce the different flavors of beer. You will also better understand the different types of beer and what makes each unique. By the end, you’ll be a proper beer expert.

6. It’s Fun!

Brewing and bottling your own beer is very entertaining. From deciding which malts to choose, or what yeast strain to use, there are thousands of different combinations you can make to create a unique beer. It is very satisfying to have a finished product that was made with your own hands.

It’s also pretty easy. Brewing beer is a very simple process, especially if you start from a kit. Starting from a kit makes the whole procedure simpler, more foolproof, and still leaves plenty of room for customization.

7. You Can Make New Friends

The community of brewers is large and well established in many places, and certainly online. You will find that there is always someone willing to help you and share their expertise. People who have been in your place and have learned valuable lessons and can point you in the right way to go.

If you are ambitious you can take your hobby to the next level and participate in one of the many beer brewing competitions available. If your brew is good, it might even win a prize.

8. You Can Make Your Favorite Beer No Matter Where You Are

Once you start looking into brewing beer, you will realize there are many recipes available, including for many popular and commercially available beers. That means that you can make and drink your favorite beer, even if it’s not easily available where you live. So if you’ve been having a hard time finding your favorite beer from back home, making your own can be the perfect solution!

Brewing Your Favorite Beer

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