Cold Steel Gladius Machete Self-Defense Weapon Review

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The Cold Steel Gladius Machete is a close-quarter self-defense weapon. Its design is inspired by the primary sword used by Ancient Roman foot soldiers which was also known in the early times as the “Spanish Sword.”

This sword has a blade length of 19 inches while its handle measures 7 7/8 inches. Overall this self-defense weapon is 26 7/8 inches. Then, its 1055 carbon with black baked blade and anti-rust matte finish is only 2.8 millimeters thick.

Cold Steel Gladius Machete Self-Defense Weapon Advantages

The Cold Steel Gladius is an excellent weapon against opponents with short-range weapons like knives, bats, swords, knuckles, lead pipes, and others because of its very long blade. Its side-by-side sharpened edges and pointed tip will let you use the sword for slicing and stabbing your foe. Of course, when using this, expect heavy damage on the part of the person receiving your attacks. A serious blow even tends to cause death.

The grip of the gladius comes with a nicely designed handle to provide you with a good grip with the self-defense weapon. Then, its guard will surely protect your hands from slipping into the blade, especially when using the weapon for stabbing. The tight grip it offers will let you increase the precision of your attacks as well towards the target.

Cold Steel Gladius Machete Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

According to some users, the tip of the sword tends to chip off when it hits a really hard object like a concrete wall.

Should You Buy It?

The sharp double edge and the tip of the sword are a great advantage. The tip of the Cold Steel Gladius Machete may chip off against a hard surface, but many commercial knives and swords have this same problem. So, despite its downside, this makes a nice addition to your self-defense weapon collection.

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