8 Ideas for X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling

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X-Ray Upcycling and RecyclingOld X-rays are an interesting beast. Many people don’t want to throw them away, because they are a pretty cool momentum of an accident and a key part of telling the story. However, when they’re just stuffed in a box somewhere they are often hard to find and forgotten about.

I’ve always been fascinated by X-rays. I’m the friend who comes over and totally wants to take a look at your X-rays after an accident. It’s not often you get to peek inside the human body, and I think it’s cool to see exactly these things. Especially if someone is around who can explain what I’m looking at exactly. Because of this, I just can’t bring myself to through away my once-in-a-lifetime x-rays.

Here are some beyond-the-box ideas for what you can do with your own x-rays.

How to Upcycle and Recycle X-Rays into Something More Exciting

1. Make a collage. Combine the most interesting parts of several x-rays into a collage. You could do a collage for one person if they’re particularly accident-prone, or one for the whole family if you haven’t had many accidents overall.

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling

2. Extract silver from your x-rays. Did you know that silver can be found in X-rays. In trace amounts, of course. But it could still be fun to do, especially if you like to do science experiments. However, this will destroy your X-rays. So, if you were hoping to keep them around to look at in the future, this isn’t for you. Here’s an article about how to extract silver from your X-rays.

3. Make a lampshade. I think this is such a cool idea for an X-ray. I can instantly imagine a ton of rooms and scenarios this would look amazing in, from a fun boys’ room to simple Halloween decorations. Your X-rays become practical and displayed.

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: KarmaCrumbs

4. Make a unique pair of earrings. Check out how awesome these earrings are. At first glance, they don’t look like anything too quirky, but upon closer inspection, you realize that they’re x-rays and tell a story.

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: mwgregory

5. Create a Unique Notebook Cover. There’s no better way to personalize your notebook than by adding your own X-ray to the cover.

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: krisamels

6. Make a stylish black necklace featuring many of your x-rays. Look at how gorgeous this necklace is. It allows you to combine several x-rays into one gorgeous piece. In my opinion, this piece is begging to be worn to murder masters and Halloween parties.

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: luxedeville

7. Make amazing Halloween decorations. You know how I keep saying that these X-ray pieces are giving mad Halloween vibes? This creator went full-on Halloween by making bats, a crow, and a banner and I love it. What a great way to create a good Halloween vibe.

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: funkyjunkyart

8. Don’t have any real X-rays of your own? If you’ve been inspired by these images, but don’t have any X-rays of your own, you can ask friends and family members for any of their old X-rays that they don’t want. You can also try to make your own X-rays with this simple method or invert some black-and-white photos. Check out some examples below:

X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: SonnyRandon
X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo credit: 2amdesigns
X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling
Photo Credit: underwater X-ray by vishwaant avk

Have you ever upcycled your old X-rays? Share what you did in the comments below!