10 Resources to Study if You are in Debt

Best Debt Resources to Study When in Debt

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  1. Bankrate.com

This website covers an array of financial topics, including various issues that occur when using credit and managing debt. Bankrate.com is updated daily and is a great place for the latest reliable information about these subjects. Also, the website has a number of online calculators for everything from mortgages and amortization to auto leases and savings.

  1. Credit.com

Credit.com has been around since 1995. It is a go-to website for expert information about credit scores, credit repair and credit cards. Over the years the website received a number of awards. Business Insider calls it one of the “11 websites to bookmark if you want to get rich.” Credit.com has also been featured on CNNMoney’s 20 Best Money Websites List.

  1. DebtProofLiving.com

Formerly known as Cheapskate Monthly, this website is a great source if you want to make every dollar count on a daily basis.

  1. DebtSmart.com

This website has many articles about managing debt and making intelligent credit decisions. It also has a free e-mail newsletter.

  1. The Federal Trade Commission

One of the goal of the Federal Trade Commission is to enforce a wide range of laws that protect American consumers, including those that related to debt collecting, credit collecting and repair and much more. The commission also has a number of extremely useful and practical fact sheets and helpful brochures about credit-related laws, common issues that occur when borrowing money and more. All the publications by the agency are completely free.

  1. The National Consumer Law Center

This organization is one of the nation’s leading low-income consumer advocates. It helps low-income consumers resolve issues with foreclosures, repossessions, debt collectors and much more. The website has many articles about these issues. The center also sells books on the subjects.

  1. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling

This organization is a national nonprofit. It has about 1,000 offices around the country. Many of the locations are also known as consumer credit counseling services. This non-profit offers an array of services, both in person and on the phone, including budget counseling, education about financial issues and more. Depending on your level of income, services may be free.

  1. American Bankruptcy Institute

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the website of the institute will explain in detail how the process works. You can also search the website for ABI-accredited bankruptcy attorneys in your area. ABI-certified attorneys have to have a day-long written exam and commit to continuing legal education courses.

  1. A bankruptcy attorney in your area

Visiting a bankruptcy attorney is an intelligent step if your finances are in troublesome condition. The attorney can not only help you with filing for bankruptcy, but also provide you with advice how to avoid one.

  1. Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is an American radio host, television personality and a book author.

He has syndicated radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, that you can hear on over 500 radio stations all over the United States and Canada. He also has a channel on Youtube and videos on his website. His company and shows provide financial education, answers to questions about finances and help to those who are in debt.

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