Top 10 Functions of Your Liver

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cooked liver on a dinner plate

  1. Processes toxins

Everything that your intestines absorb later goes into a special tube that ends up in your liver. The liver removes many of the toxins that are present in your blood. The speed at which it processes blood is about two quarts per minute.

  1. Destroys bad bacteria

Your liver has a lot of immune cells that deal with the bacteria and kill bad bacteria that manage to get this far in your body.

  1. Creates cholesterol

Most people think that cholesterol is a bad thing. In reality, your body needs to have a certain level of cholesterol to function properly. Your liver is the manufacturer of cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol is critical in the production of a number of hormones that your body creates.

  1. Creates blood proteins

About 90% of the proteins that your blood transports to various organs and cells in your body are created in your liver.

  1. Produces antioxidants

One of the most important antioxidants for your health is called glutathione. Your liver is where it is created in your body.

  1. Clots blood

If everything in your body is working properly, clotting does not occur in your liver. However, if your body decides to clot your blood, the materials responsible for it are created in the liver. While having blood clots may seem like an inconvenience, blood clots perform a very important function in your body. They are healthy and lifesaving because they are one of the tools your body uses to stop bleeding. However, if they form when your body doesn’t need them, they may lead to heart strokes and other harmful conditions.

  1. Controls blood sugar

Your liver converts glucose into glycogen, which is a compound that your body can store. By performing the conversion, your liver helps your body control blood sugar levels.

  1. Stores vitamins

Your liver stores vitamins A, D, B12, and iron. This helps your liver to perform an array of extremely important functions in your body, including the ones related to metabolism, the immune system, and digestion.

  1. Produces bile

Bile is an alkaline fluid that helps your body break down fats. In the human body, the liver keeps continuously producing bile. In addition to performing its other functions, bile also removes toxins from your liver.

  1. Performs around 500 other functions

Your liver is an extremely important and complex organ. Scientists claim that altogether liver performs over 500 vital functions in the human body. Most of the things that occur in the liver and the processes that it influences are very complicated. However, you do not need to understand them all to figure out how important your liver is and what role it plays in your body.

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