Sheertex Review: Are They Really the Last Tights You’ll Ever Need?

sheertex tight review

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I truly believe that tights have frustrated everyone at some point. They have a huge impact on your outfit, which can be instantly ruined when you suddenly get a huge rip or tear five minutes into your outing.

They also require some finesse to wear. You’ve got to keep an eye on your rings and jewelry when wearing tights to avoid disasters, which is annoying. I don’t like having to babysit my clothes, I’m all about comfort and ease.

These are the types of problems and situations that Sheertex set out to solve with their rip-resistant tights. The question is, did they successfully solve it?

Who is Sheertex and What Do They Do?

Sheertex is a Canadian company that produces and sells sheer, stretchy, and durable hosiery and shapewear made of a proprietary fabric called Sheertex Knit. This material is said to be up to 10 times stronger than steel and to have a high resistance to tearing, running, and snagging.

Sheertex was founded in 2017 by Katherine Homuth, who was frustrated with the lack of high-quality, long-lasting hosiery on the market. The company’s products are sold online and in select retail locations in North America and Europe.

Sheertex Review: Are Their Tights Really Rip Proof?

Sheertex Tights are advertised as “unrippable” or “unbreakable” but are actually sold as “tear resistant.” This means Sheertex tight definitely can still tear and that they will definitely need to be replaced at some point.

So the questions you should be asking yourself are not whether or not it’s possible for them to tear, but what does it actually take for them to tear, and is the level of tear resistance you’re actually getting worth the price you’re paying?

I think about it this way, say I can get three pairs of tights for approximately $15 dollars, which is about what I see them for on Amazon right now. This means that each regular old tight is around $5 dollars. I can usually wear each tight a few times before they rip. Let’s say I can usually wear tights five times before they rip, which I feel is a low average, but it’ll do and make math easy.

Now, the rip-resistant tights sell anywhere between $59 dollars and $99 dollars (admittedly, you can often get them cheaper if you wait for a sale). So, on the low end, I could buy approximately 12 to 20 regular tights. At five wears each, I should be able to at least get the equivalent of 60 to 100 wears out of these tear-resistant tights. I am personally skeptical that I could get that much wear out of these tights. But, I have not had the opportunity to wear these tights 100 times to fully test my theory.

For yourself, you’ll have to plug your own numbers in to decide if these tights seem like they will be worth it for you. Yes, it’s annoying and feels wasteful to be constantly throwing away tights, but when you’re on a budget sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.

The Pros of Sheertex Tights

  • The tights are more tear resistant than your average tight, you can definitely feel that they’re a different material than your average tight.
  • You can pick your tight size and aren’t stuck with “one size fits all.” Being able to pick your own size may help with the tear-resistant abilities, as a loser fit will be more resistant to tears over a super tight fit. (Tip: try buying a slightly larger size of tight if you’re struggling with ripping to see if that helps.)
  • The sizing appears to be true to size.
  • A thick compressive waist has some shaping ability, which is always nice to have.
  • Thicker material makes them a little extra warm, which can be a pro if you tend to wear tights more during the winter months.
  • They come from a woman-founded company.
  • They have a 90-day guarantee to replace or provide store credit for defective tights.

Cons of Sheertex Tights

  • They are thicker and more matte than your average sheer tight. Some people may enjoy the darker tight look, but others who are looking for a true sheer tight complain about their thickness.
  • Some people complain about them sliding down a lot, itchiness, rolling waistbands, and other wearing complaints.
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear during summer months because of the thicker material.
  • Some people have complained of tights looking streaky. From improper dye or other reasons, these tights can have odd lines running through them.
  • Some people have also noted that while their tights haven’t ripped yet, they appear to have developed dark lines in spots instead. Sheertex claims that these lines can be massaged out, but it doesn’t sound like many people have had success doing this.

Buy or Pass: What Do I Think?

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