14 True Shots of Amsterdam

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam and you tell someone—especially a non-European—about your Amsterdam plan, he/she will probably make at least one remark: a.) about Dutch tolerance b.) about “having fun,” with raised eyebrows c.) about “staying safe,” with crinkled eyebrows or d.) with unusual interest in your plans and personal character. Amsterdammers deserve more […]

How to Use Event Marketing to Better Your Content Strategy

How to Use Event Marketing to Better Your Content Strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute, in-person events are the most effective content marketing strategy for B2B businesses. From generating new leads, connecting with potential customers, selling on-the-spot, and increasing brand exposure, live events are heavily beneficial to brands and their business goals. Yet there’s one element to event marketing that most marketers fail to capitalize […]

How to Write an eBook and the Advantages for B2B Marketing

How to Write an eBook and the Advantages for B2B Marketing

eBooks have developed a bit of a stigma within the B2B space over the past few years.  People see them as a waste of time and a difficult thing to produce.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  eBooks are an incredibly useful tool for B2B lead generation.  You just have to know how […]

How to Optimize Your Form Fields in Hubspot

How to Optimize your Form Fields in Hubspot

At its core, inbound marketing can be boiled down to a few simple truths. Here’s one: if you want your website to convert visitors into leads, you better get the point of conversion right. In other words, your landing page forms better encourage, not detract your audience from signing up and entering your database as […]

Millennials Helping Co-Create Marketing Campaigns

Millennials Helping Co-Create Marketing Campaigns

Content creation can be an ordeal sometimes for companies, especially when they’re really not sure what some demographics want. Also, with quality content creation sometimes taking extra time to produce, it can be discouraging if a company can’t reach the entire demographic they want to reach. Many companies are now noticing that millennials are very creative […]

Online Marketing Using Images: Are They More Important Than Actual Content?

Part of online marketing for B2B businesses is promoting blogs and social media posts, though some of that has been giving way to images over straight text. While there’s been debate about whether images are going to receive more focus in online marketing over actual reading, it’s obvious text isn’t going to go away completely. Regardless, adding […]

Human to Human Marketing: “We Are Not things!”

Human to Human Marketing: “We are not things!”

In the recent film “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a group of women who escape the clutches of the evil villain scrawl these words on their prison cell wall: “We are not things!” (To say that the villain objectified these women is, well, a massive understatement — but we’ll leave that discussion for the film critics.) Although […]

The Missing Link: Analyzing Qualitative Data

It’s well past midnight and the only light visible is the gentle glow of your computer screen. The only sounds, the clicks and taps of your keyboard and mouse. This is the third consecutive night you’ve worked into the darkness trying to solve the puzzle. Your eyes dried by the computer screen as you study […]

Fall in Love with Content Creation

Fall in Love with Content Creation

“Content creation.” Even the term sounds a little boring. It makes the process sound about as enthralling as writing the ingredient labels for food packaging. It just sounds so, well, industrial. It feels as if you’re applying for a job on an assembly line. Fortunately, there’s an antidote for the tedium. (And it’s not turning your […]

Leveraging Industry Influencers in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Leveraging Industry Influencers in your B2B Marketing Strategy

UTILIZE INFLUENCERS IN YOUR B2B MARKETING STRATEGY The internet is a flutter with brilliant B2B marketing efforts . . . Just having a well executed piece of content is no longer enough. In this day where new information is being written and published online by the second, it’s easy for scintillating content to get lost […]