Tips for Finding Your Lost Dog

Tips for finding a lost dog

How to Find Your Dog When They Runaway How do we go about finding a runaway dog? Try to keep calm and maintain a leveled head. There are several things that one can do. Drive around the area in search of your lost dog. Odds are, if you noticed soon after they got out, they […]

Top 10 Dog Grooming Timesavers

Top ways to save time when grooming your dog

1. Clean small areas with no rinse shampoo No rinse shampoo is perfect for when your dog has dirtied a section of its coat and there’s no time for a proper wash. Use a towel to wet the dirty area and scrub with the shampoo until clean. Use a dog comb or blow-dryer for a […]

Top 10 Common Dog Grooming Myths

Discussing the Most Common Dog Grooming Myths

1. Don’t wash your dog unless it’s filthy Ever hear that frequent bathing is bad for dogs? It might have been true once, but that was when shampoos weren’t formulated specifically for dogs’ needs. Choose the right shampoo for your dog and your dog can have a bath every day! 2. Poodles and their crossbreeds […]

Top 10 Common Questions and Answers About Dog Behaviors

1. Why does my dog jump on me all the time? This likely comes from how puppies act when weaned. In an effort to get puppies off of milk, the mother will start feeding them standing up, which requires the pups to stand on their hind legs. Later, they start jumping up at her mouth […]

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Saltwater Aquarium

If you have ever thought of setting up a saltwater aquarium but never made up your mind, here are ten good reasons to seriously consider it. They are beautiful There’s no denying the beauty of a saltwater aquarium. The variety of vividly colorful fish, corals and other saltwater critters make saltwater aquariums very aesthetically pleasing. […]

Top 10 Ways to De-Stress Using Yoga

Understand stress Understanding stress is key to finding solutions to tackle it. It is important to take into account that some stress is positive as it prepares you to succeed in high-intensity situations. Negative stress, on the other hand, drains your body of energy and causes illness. Lose the negative attitude Some stress is inevitable, […]

Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Starting Yoga

advice for starting yoga

Set a goal The first thing you should consider when you have decided to practice yoga is what you want to get out of your practice. Knowing what benefits you would like to gain will help you select what style of yoga will suit you best. Forget excuses It is easy to find excuses not […]

Top 10 Types of Yoga

Yoga for fitness Yoga for fitness is derived from Hatha yoga practice and focuses primarily on the physical body. This practice is designed to utilize different yoga poses in order to increase the flexibility and strength of the body. Hatha yoga is also a soft introduction to spiritual yoga as this can be incorporated during […]

Top 10 Flowering Plants that are Easy to Keep

If you are an aspiring gardener, but feel intimidated by the amount of care some plants require, here is a list of ten beautiful flowering plants that are surprisingly easy to keep. Pineapple lilies Pineapple lilies are tropical plants from the genus Eucomis, which includes several species. Their most noticeable characteristic is their flowerhead, which resembles […]

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Photography More Appealing

Look for interesting lines and colors Following your instincts and using several rules of photography can help you create great pictures of decors, buildings and patterns in nature. Invest in a good camera Modern point-and-shoot cameras and even cameras in a lot of phones can produce pictures of great quality, but digital SLR cameras have […]