Top 10 Facts You Need to Know About Dog Training

Dog Trainer Shares Facts About Dog Training

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Either a dog is housetrained or it is not, meaning that you can either rely on it to go to the bathroom where and when you want it to go or not. There are two popular methods you can use to teach your dog proper potty behavior.

The most important factor in dog training is not a dog, but a trainer.

The trainer is the leader that needs to know enough about dogs and be able to teach them manners. The trainer needs to be able to show what the dog must do and give the dog reasons to do it. Training should start the moment you bring a new dog home.

You will become successful if you expect success and work to get it.

Praise your dog not only for succeeding, but also for trying. Learning can be hard and stressful for both parties. Think of your god an as alien that can’t speak the language, but needs to understand and learn the rules.

The training never ends.

Dog training is not a one-time class that you attend with you dog once. The training has no end. You teach, then you practice, then you practice some more and then you adapt to new circumstances and challenges. You shape new behaviors and integrate old ones into your everyday life.

Being positive and using rewards will get your further than if you are angry and use punishment.

Having the right attitude and using the rewards, including treats and praise, are essential for the training process. If all you do is say “no,” you won’t get far. Praise gives clues and doesn’t cost you anything, so use it a lot.

Consistency is key, especially in the beginning.

When your dog learns a new command and proves the knowledge on the regular basis, use the same command the same way every time. Do not alter the command. The most common example of inconsistency is using “sit” and “sit down” interchangeably, especially when you use “down” as a separate command.

You can train your dog yourself and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

All you need is a good book or two, a leash, a collar and some treats. Karen Pryor is a pioneer of behavioral training and her book “Don’t Shoot The Dog” to this day is a Bible of a lot of very successful dog trainers all over the world.

You can’t teach you dog anything if you don’t have its attention.

One of the best ways to make sure that your training goes smoothly is to teach the dog to give you eye contact on command. Eye contact is one of the most important communication tools for canines and mastering eye contact lays the groundwork for further successful training.

Teach your dog a release word.

The release word will let your dog know when it is done with the command. Some of the most popular release commands are “okay” and “release.”

Do not use the word “no”

The word “no” is very overused in training. It’s much better to use the phrase “bad dog.” Also, use collar, leash, your body and your voice to maintain control during training.

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