Top 10 Dog Grooming Timesavers

Top ways to save time when grooming your dog

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1. Clean small areas with no rinse shampoo

No rinse shampoo is perfect for when your dog has dirtied a section of its coat and there’s no time for a proper wash. Use a towel to wet the dirty area and scrub with the shampoo until clean. Use a dog comb or blow-dryer for a guaranteed quick dry.

2. Use a rubber basin for cleanups

Rubber basins are great for small grooming chores as they contain the mess, which saves time when cleaning up afterwards. They are particularly useful to have when cleaning your dog’s paws, clipping its nails or trimming its coat and can even be used to store doggy grooming and cleaning materials.

3. Grind your dog’s nails

Some dogs hate their nails being clipped so it’s useful to know that you can grind the nails instead. However, you must be careful not to grind the nails into the quick, as this can cause infections. Professional grinding tools should be used to avoid accidently ripping out any dog hair.

4. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly

You should brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week to keep its mouth fresh and clean. Playing with hard rubber or nylon toys can also help with the teeth cleaning process. If your dog has continuous bad breath, contact your veterinarian as this could signal a serious illness.

5. Keep hair clean with snoods

If your dog has trouble maintaining a coat clean, you can use a snood to keep its ears and hair from getting dirty. You can also protect your dog’s legs with leg protectors and secure a towel around its waist with clips to avoid long hair dragging on the ground.

6. Learn how to do a Pet Cut

Learn how to do a simple Pet Cut if you don’t want to go to a professional each time your dog needs a trim. Remember to use snap-on guide combs for your clippers, as these will allow you to select your desired hair-length and avoid giving your dog an embarrassing haircut.

7. Make your dog’s coat shine

You can brighten up your dog’s short coat by using some mink oil or lanolin based hair conditioner. Rub a small amount all over your dog and finish with a hound glove. If your dog has a long coat, simply spray conditioner over the hair and brush it through carefully.

8. Freshen up the smell

If you don’t have time to wash a stinky dog, reach for the dog scent, bodifier or coat dressing to improve the smell. Make sure not to apply any product onto the dog’s face if it’s not stated in the instructions, as this could lead to health problems for your dog.

9. Collect dog hair in record time

It may seem impossible to collect all your dog’s hair after a clean but lint rolls can help. These rolls are made up of multiple-layers of sticky tape that pluck hair up quickly and easily. After one layer is full, you can just peel it off to start using another.

10. No dog shampoo, no problem

If you really need to wash your dog but have run out of the proper shampoo and conditioner, don’t panic. You can always utilize human shampoo or dishwashing soap, as long as it’s used sparingly. Remember to buy more doggie shampoo soon, as it maintains the PH-balance of their coats.

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