How Many Kids Parents Wanted vs. How Many They Actually Had

How Many Kids Parents Wanted vs. How Many They Actually Had

Family planning is probably the biggest misnomer I’ve ever heard. You can’t plan anything. Maybe you’re lucky, and maybe your plans do end up working out, but, for the vast majority of us, the families we end up with usually end up looking different than the ones we thought we’d get. Sometimes in small ways, […]

The Most Creative and Best Baby Mobiles

Creative Baby Mobile Ideas

Did you know that November is the month when the least babies are born? I didn’t. I guess that’s because my second’s birthday is in November. She was born on Thanksgiving, actually. Luckily, unlike some holidays, since the date of Thanksgiving moves, she won’t always have to share her birthday with the turkey. Anyway, baby […]

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

What is the cost of a tummy tuck/

Many moms don’t realize how much their body will change once they have had their baby. While the body changes are obvious during pregnancy, the postpartum recovery differs extensively between women. Some mom’s pop straight back into shape, and others will find that they never get back to their pre-baby body. Accepting your new body […]

Is it Possible to Raise a Healthy Child on a Meatless Diet?

It is possible to raise a healthy child on a meatless diet? Of course. Heck, I wasn’t even trying to keep my babies on a meatless diet, but my babies just weren’t all that interested in eating meat even when it was offered. Obviously, you should always consult your doctor about your child’s health and […]

Is a Vegetarian Diet Okay During Pregnancy?

Vegetarianism and pregnancy are very compatible Just like there is an erroneous perception in the Western society that vegetarian diets lack proteins, there’s also a perception that being vegetarian or vegan is not healthy during a pregnancy. In reality, sticking to a vegetarian diet while you are expecting can provide you will all the nutrients […]

How to Stay in Touch With Friends Who Don’t Have Kids

How to stay in touch friends don't have kids

Leading up to the birth of your baby, there are lots of things to plan for and worry about. One thing you may be worried about, especially if you are among some of your first friends having babies, is how being a parent is going to change your relationships with friends who don’t have babies. […]

What to Do When Another Mom Thinks You Are Her Babysitter

We all like to help out when we can. Sometimes our friends or family need a night out, kids-free, and we are more than happy to step in. We know how tough parenting is and that everyone needs a break now and again. We’re already stuck watching our own kids, so why not add a […]

Study Reveals Moms Need Full Year for Recovery After Giving Birth (Duh!)

Study reveals mom's need full year of recovery after giving birth

Today’s study should come as no shock to anyone who’s had a baby before. Did they really need a study to tell us what I’m pretty sure every single mom out there already knows? Apparently so. Growing a baby a beautiful experience, but it’s also demanding on your body. New mothers may be told by […]